Are Any Of Yall Into Girls Lesbihooooonest….

Ok, so I’m not into girls, but let’s face it, every female has a list of women that she thinks is HOT and on any heavily drunken night well….


Well here’s my list of super hot chicks that could get the biz, Lesbihonest…



Nicki Minaj

She’s curvy, quirky and slightly hood. If I was into chicks, I’d hit! Plus, did you hear what she was talking about on “Little Freak”? Nicki is the type of girl you don’t have to claim in public, and she’s cool with that, but when you get home guaranteed it’s on and you’re not going anywhere!



Summer Walker

Summer is one of my all time favorite models, but do you see her boobs tho? Her taste in music is diverse, she’s traveled the world and she could probably out-read you. Not just a pair of bodacious boobs, but brains to match, on a scale from one to smash, I’d hit lol




Who wouldn’t want to get it in with Beyonce? She’s Beyonce! Beyonce is on the top of every man AND woman’s list. She’s the hottest chick in the game and she knows how to make her own money. What more could you ask for?



Bria Myles

It’s obvious why Drake was smitten over this vixen, model Bria Myles is STACKED! She is definitely capable of leaving your sexuality in question. From her body to her brown skin, she’s almost perfect.




Rihanna is bad from her body to her attitude. Who wouldn’t want to wake up naked in the morning and go play in her closet? Better yet, have you seen her working her hips to some of those songs? I can see why she has all of these R&B boys losing their minds!


These are my Top 5, but I asked some of my ladies on Twitter and these are some very honorable mentions:


– Blacc Chyna

– Selita Ebanks

– Kim Kardashian

– Amber Rose

– Lashontae Heckard

– Mya

– Angela Yee

– Halle Berry 

– Paula Patton

– Jessica Biel

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