Are Passport Bros & Sisters Winning?
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Are Passport Bros & Sisters Winning?

Social media has been buzzing in recent years about whether or not becoming a passport bro is the way to go. For those who are unfamiliar, “passport bro” is a term often used online to describe individuals, typically men, who avidly and oftentimes exclusively pursue women during international travel experiences. These individuals usually showcase their adventures on YouTube and TikTok and frequent countries such as the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and Colombia, to name a few. One video that has gone viral recently is from a creator known as MissHoneyDee on TikTok. In the short clip, she urges men, aka passport bros, to visit Belize due to an alleged shortage of men in the country. Comedian Lil Duval reshared this message, which sparked a conversation regarding whether or not seeking a boo in another country is wise or not. While women chimed in to slam the often oversexualized passport bro concept, there is room for the ladies to enjoy the dating tourism industry as well.

Passport bros seem to have ample resources to help in their conquests. This includes sites such as, an international dating tour company that allows men to travel with several others in hopes of connecting to a foreign love interest overseas. Women seeking similar arrangements with men from different countries aren’t afforded such resources. However, that has not swayed them from the lesser-known “passport sister” lifestyle. 

One pro of being a passport bro or sister is the opportunity to meet new people of different cultures. Sadly, a major and alarming con is that “sex tourism” is considered a contributing factor to human trafficking. Therefore, those choosing to indulge in passport bro and passport sister behavior this summer must keep consent at the top of their list.  

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that British researchers Jacqueline Sanchez Taylor and Julia O’Connell Davidson interviewed 240 women vacationing in Negril, Jamaica, and two critical locations in the Dominican Republic known for passport sister activity. The study found that a third of those being interviewed had a fling with local men during their stay. A total of 60 percent alluded to paying for these services, though they didn’t view their foreign partners as prostitutes. 

While this outlook on dating and intimacy can be exciting to some and offers a fresh perspective to dating if done in a respectful manner, it should be handled with care. 

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