Are You Lost in Lust? By: @milagreee

I am always writing about the do’s and dont’s of dating, of all the things that you should watch out for when selecting a mate. I wanted to write something which would pull at the heart strings. I wanted to reach out to those who are in love and realize just what makes love and lust different. Lust is something that is driven by fire, passion, the human bodies natural instinct to want to be with that other person. Biologically speaking, you can spot someone from across the room and be totally and completely smitten with this person. You dont know his name, you dont know how he grew up, you know nothing except that your biological hormones are driving you towards this person. Odds are that this person is also just as attracted to you. The feeling that you feel really starts with hormones, there is nothing that you could possibly know about this person but you cant describe the pull, the magnetic pull that you feel for this stranger.

Lust is very powerful and it can sometimes block certain realistic thinking. Lust can command you to do things that you normally wouldnt do. It turns you into someone that you dont recognize. Love on the other hand, is something that you work at. There is no such thing, unfortunately, as love at first sight. Realistically speaking, the only thing that happens at first sign is lust. Love is something that you have to seriously work for. You have to be committed to working on a relationship, whilst lust is something that comes so fast and leaves just as fast. Love is something that you dont give up on. Love is something that you try and try again because that person is someone that you want to be with for the long haul. Love is worth the fight.

Lust is something that can very easily be confused for love. Lust is strong, incapatating, its all that you think about, its everything that you think about. You crave that person, you crave the touch, the feel the connection of the your bodies meshed together. Passion drives lust. But love, love is something that you work for. Love is something that you put your all into. Your biggest feat is trying to figure out whether or not you’re in love or in lust, either way the task at hand is difficult and the feelings that you feel are strong and undeniable. Lust makes you crave another being, and when that being is away you feel a hole in your body that is incomplete. There is nothing that will fill it until you see him again. This is where love and lust confuses me. Do you feel the same void when you’re in love? Do you feel the same passion, the same thrill and acceptance when it comes to love? Im not sure that I can actually answer that, but I do know that lust makes me feel exactly that.  

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