Argument Over $10 Leaves One Man Shot Dead in Ohio

An argument that started over a missing $10 ended with a man being shot dead in Ohio.

According to Dayton Daily News, John Booker, 36, was killed after a disagreement with Dhameer Haamid Scott, 24.

Scott’s father and Booker’s mother live together in Middletown, Ohio.

Last Monday, Scott had gone to the home to give his younger brother $30. However, according to a police report, Booker then took $10 from the younger brother’s stash that was sitting on the shelf.

Scott’s father told Booker to give the money back, but Booker refused, so the father called Scott and let him know that the money was taken.

Later that night, Scott reportedly returned to the house with a gun. He and Booker got into an argument that ended in the shooting death of Booker.   

“Dhameer Scott and another friend of Scott’s arrived together (at the residence), and Scott entered the residence with a gun in his hand,” Detective Steve Winters said in police documents.

Booker was seriously injured from gunfire and was taken to the hospital where he later died.

Booker’s mother called the cops and told the dispatchers, “There has been a shooting at my house, I need an ambulance. There was aN altercation in the home, and he got shot.”

Police were looking for Scott Tuesday before he finally turned himself in on Wednesday. He’s been charged with murder.

Argument over 10

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