Argument Over Stimulus Money Led To Quadruple Murder

An argument over stimulus money resulted in the deaths of four people Saturday night in Indianapolis.

Malik Halfacre, 25, felt like he was entitled to half of his daughter’s mother’s $1,400 stimulus check and her tax return. When Jeanettrius Moore refused to hand over the money, things took a violent turn.

The family identified the victims to WXIN as Jeanettrius’ 7-year-old daughter, Eve Moore, her brother, Daquan Moore, 23, her mother, Tomeeka Brown, 44, and her cousin, Anthony Johnson, 35.

“He wanted some of Jeanettrius’ tax money, stimulus money,” said Moore’s cousin, Wendy Johnson. “She had just got her money, and he wanted half of her money.”

Moore initially offered Halfacre $450 and told him, “take it or leave it,” but that wasn’t good enough for him.

“He said, I’m gonna get that money,” Johnson said. “This was the day before.”

Halfacre later returned to the home asking where the money was and started going through Moore’s purse. Moore’s brother, Daquan, attempted to stop Halfacre, who pulled out a gun and started shooting.

He first shot Daquan; then he shot Johnson, then Moore’s mother. He shot Daquan a second time, and at some point during the shootout, Moore’s daughter Eve got hit with gunfire. 

Officials said that following the gunfire, Halfacre left with his 6-month-old daughter, Malia Halfacre. Moore hid on a neighbor’s porch until officers arrived while Halfacre drove away with their daughter.

The baby girl was later found unharmed on the city’s northeast side. Halfacre was taken into custody after a four-hour standoff with SWAT. He had been hiding in an attic to avoid tear gas that had been fired inside the home.

Moore, who was shot in the back, was initially listed in critical condition. She was released from the hospital on Monday.

The New York Post reports that Halfacre was held without bail Tuesday on preliminary charges of murder, robbery, and attempted murder.

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