Ariana Grande And Beyonce Were Paid The Same Amount To Perform At Coachella Despite Reports

It was reported by many outlets this week that Ariana Grande was paid $8 million for her high-profile Coachella gig this year in comparison to Beyonce’s alleged $4 million for her iconic Coachella performance last year.

Well, those numbers are only half correct, and it’s been determined that Ariana Grande and Beyoncé got paid the same amount to headline Coachella.

According to The Blast, Ariana Grande did receive $8 million, and the Queen did reportedly receive $4 million…but for each show. The contracts for Grande and Beyoncé were reportedly structured the exact same way, $4 million for the first weekend and another $4 million for the second.

But all in all, Beyonce is still making bank from her performance a year later after she commemorated her legendary Coachella 2018 show with Netflix documentary “Homecoming” and a live album, both debuting this week.

Beyonce and Ariana Grande Coachella Salary
Ariana and Beyonce’s Instagram

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