Ariana Grande Gets Swatted Again, Police Get Call About Shooting At Singer’s Home

 Ariana Grande has become the victim of swatting again.

According to reports, police arrived at Grande’s Los Angeles home on Wednesday at around 5 p.m. after receiving a phone call that gunshots had been fired on the property. Authorities said they were suspicious of the call due to the singer’s previous encounter with swatting.

The Los Angeles Police Department sent two cars, but no information on whether Grande was home at the time has been mentioned. For the time being, the police plan to look into the reoccurring swatting calls and document the incident in an abuse report.  Swatting is when a person makes a prank call to emergency services in order to bring a large number of service officials to a particular location or address.

This is the second swatting call Grande has received, and she’s not alone; other celebs like Lil Wayne, Tom Cruise, Pharrell, Rihanna, and more have been victims of swatting. Police have launched an investigation and are hoping to put an end to the fraudulent calls, explaining it is taking a hit at their resources.

Ariana Grande Swatted

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