Armed Robbers Who Broke Into Chris Brown’s Home Suspected To Be Tied To Party Promoters

Okay, this is getting out of hand but I wouldn’t put it past anyone. According to TMZ, the people who robbed Chris Brown’s home yesterday and held his aunt at gun point, could be tied to the promoters of a club where Chris recently hosted.  Seems hard to believe, but stranger things have happened.

Reports say Chris had just received $50,000 in cash from a nightclub gig and they believe whoever was involved in the break in, knew this since it wasn’t normal for Chris to leave large amounts of cash in his home. It is also quite suspicious that the robbers not only knew that it was Chris’ newly purchased home, but they also let it slip that they knew about the $50k. 

Law enforcement say that only a few people knew about the $50,000 and they suspect a promoter organized the break in. 

So, did he pay Chris and try to get his money back? Wow!

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