At Least Six Children Killed In Attack On Cameroonian School

Rebel gunmen opened fire at a school in the Cameroonian city of Kumba on Saturday, killing At least six children and wounding eight others.

The New York Times is reporting that officials blamed the attack on secessionist insurgents, according to Reuters. Secessionists wish to establish an independent state in Cameroon’s English-speaking west. Reuters was not immediately able to confirm that claim.

“They attacked around noon,” an official from Kumba, Ali Anougou, told Reuters. “They found the children in class, and they opened fire on them.”

The gunmen attacked the Mother Francisca School around mid-day. Consequently, some children were injured from jumping out of the school’s second-story windows, trying to escape. The six children killed were between the ages of 12 and 14.

Anglophone rebels in the area have put curfews in place and closed down schools in protest against the country’s French-speaking government and its perceived marginalization of the English-speaking minority.

Last year, officials blamed separatists for kidnapping dozens of schoolchildren. The separatists have denied the allegations.

Cameroonian school attacked

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  1. Every american is a CIA, FBI, INFORMANT, what ever you want to call them. No one can butcher people in America and no one has seen, has done anything, not even pointing to where any of them have been seen. If we really mean it, we can write a petition to the Americans to report those who are on tape calling for the maiming and killing of children. But it is not convenient … politically to blame ambazonians. Only the governement, which is doing what America does best. Kill anyone who shows up anywhere with a gun, legal or not, if they feel, is a menace to anyone, including themselves. Here a black is a “permanent menace” to society according to the whites mentality. So you cannot be a black and tout a gun in public. not even in your car. You will be killed. In Cameroon, every killer is known and belong to families. No one reports them. They feed from the ransom they take from the population. They cry when children are and women are butchered. Yet they can’t, will not report them. What ever a cause, children can’t pay the price. Not even your own children. Mostly our own anglophones children. The reality is that only the poor, the old and the sick remain in the war zone. All others move their families to the Francophone zones, the enemy territory where they are in peace. Or they move to other countries around the world and continue to inflame the drug addicts and the poor to do the killing. They are even boasting that each round of killing has brought progress in the constitution for their generations to come. So, the poor, sick, the women and children are paying for the elites who are schooling their children in peace in America and other countries, while killing children in Cameroon because they want an education. This is cheer wickedness. No cause should be paid for by the death of a child. The death of innocence. They have not chosen to be born to the poor where you want to establish your country. They were born Cameroonians. , Give them the chance to grow and make their own decision.

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