At The Request Of Jay Z Rihanna’s Checking Into Rehab…Or Else!

At the request of her boss Jay Z, it looks like Rihanna may be checking into rehab. It’s either that, or get dropped from the label. With Rita Ora making waves on the Roc Nation ship, Rihanna better do exactly what Jay says or she will be replaced.

If this is true, it is really sad that we’ve all watched Rihanna spiral this way. It seems like it’s almost weekly she’s hooked up to an IV or instagramming pics of her smoking and drinking.  I actually like her a lot. Her IDGAF attitude is hilarious! But we’ve watched the good girl go badder and Jay has a point, it’s time to get help. The poor girl just seems so alone in the industry and those who are around are enablers. I don’t really like Rita Ora so I need Rihanna to do her rehab stint, get clean and KILL IT! 

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