Washington, D.C. Attorney General Looking To Charge Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. And Rudy Rudy Giuliani For Their Roles In The Domestic Terrorist Attack On The U.S. Capitol

Washington, D.C.’s attorney general, is looking to press charges against Donald Trump, his son, Donald Trump Jr., and Rudy Giuliani over their roles in inciting violence and urging domestic terrorists to attack Capitol Hill last week. 

“You’re going to jail, perrrrrriod!!” Better yet, let’s make it prison.

On Friday, D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine, who is in charge of investigating the insurrection that took place at the Capitol building, said he is looking at charging the three Trump stooges. 

During an interview with “Good Morning America,” Racine said the men’s negative influence and encouragement of violence led to domestic terrorists feeling more empowered to attack the Capitol building. “I think the question is, how far up does it go? Clearly, the Capitol was ground central in all of this mob’s behavior,” Racine said.

“Donald Trump Jr., Giuliani, even the president of the United States, were calling on their supporters and hate groups to go to the Capitol and in the words of Rudy Giuliani ‘exercise combat justice,’” he added, reports New York Post. “We’re going to investigate not only the mobsters but also those who invited the violence.”

For now, the Justice Department hasn’t issued any specific charges against Trump. Forty-five is set to become a private citizen when he leaves office on Jan. 20, unless he is successfully impeached and removed before then. Michael Sherwin, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, said anyone involved in the riots will be facing consequences. “We are looking at all actors here. Was there a command and control? Were there others that maybe assisted or facilitated or obviously played some ancillary role in this?” Sherwin said.

“Anyone that had a role, and the evidence fits the elements of a crime, they’re going to be charged,” he said. Sherwin said that includes Trump. “I don’t want to sound like a broken record. We’re looking at all actors here.” 

Trump, Giuliani, Donald Jr. were all running their mouths last week, encouraging Trump supporters to riot and terrorize. The three men called for a “Save America March,” and Giuliani even called for a  “trial by combat” over the 2020 Presidential Election results. 


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