Attorney of Accuser Claims Derrick Rose Couldn't Define Consent in Deposition

Attorney of Accuser Claims Derrick Rose Couldn’t Define Consent in Deposition

According to Waukeen McCoy, one of the accuser’s attorneys, Derrick Rose doesn’t have a grasp on the definition of “consent”.

The accuser, referred to as Jane Doe, alleges that Derrick Rose and two of his friends raped her after breaking into her home. Allegedly Doe was propositioned with group sex to which she declined. “He and his friends…essentially decided they would have sex with her no matter what.” In August of 2015 she filed a civil suit against Rose. The trial is set for October 4 of this year.

On Thursday during a conference call, McCoy stated “When asked at his deposition, Mr. Rose did not have any answer for what consent meant him.”

Reports suggest that in a later effort to expand upon Rose not knowing what “consent” meant, McCoy read from what could be interpreted as the transcript of the deposition. “I have it right here. The question was, ‘Do you have an understanding as to the word consent?’ The answer: ‘No, but can you tell me?’ The questioner: ‘I just wanted to know if you had an understanding.’ The answer: ‘No.’”

The attorneys have met with several media outlets in an effort to provide more details about the case. The attorneys believe Rose’s legal team has attempted to destroy the accuser’s credibility.

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