Who Is Wendy Williams’ Boyfriend Mike Esterman?

Wendy Williams boyfriend mike esterman

Who is Mike Esterman? After winning a competition on a segment called Date Wendy! on the Wendy Williams show, Mike made it into the top three finalists on the Date Wendy! segment, and was announced as the winner. Mike Esterman stated he was a successful contractor but we know him as a …

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You Know You Are A Male Groupie If…..

male groupie

The word groupie does not just apply to women. There are male groupies that act far more worst than females. Check out some of the traits below: You are a male groupie if: You try your hardest to disrespect them in public to get their attention You go to the …

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Moving On From A Relationship

black couple broke up

Breaking up is hard to do. The most difficult part of it all is the “moving on” part of it. Depending on how long the relationship lasted, the comfort of our previous lover is all we’ve ever known. In some instances, we probably never saw ourselves with anyone else. Nonetheless, …

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Offset Trends After Saweetie & Quavo Split

Offset cheating

Offset is like “what the hell I have to do with this?”  Saweetie announces her split from Quavo and Offset trends on twitter. Offset can’t catch a break.  Saweetie tweeted the news of her split:  I’m single. I’ve endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes for a false …

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Three Ways To Cope With Being Single During The Holidays

Single for the Holidays

-Blogged by @msroyalbey Being single during the holidays can feel depressing and overwhelming for some. When you celebrate the holidays with family, you may endure the tough question of why you haven’t found a special someone. During these times, it is important to remember how much fun being single can …

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Social Media Etiquette For Thanksgiving

blogged by @baetoven_ Now that you’ve traveled for the holidays, lost 10 pounds in preparation for the big day, or indulged in any other Thanksgiving preparation habits, you should be all set. However, in the digital age, we live in, it’s also important to remember not to overshare too much …

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“I Decided To Go Into A System That I Knew Was Flawed”: Kamala Harris Talks To Baller Alert About Her Prosecutorial Record, Decriminalizing Marijuana and Her Vision for Racial Justice

By Shakthi Jothianandan In an interview with Baller Alert, Vice Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris detailed her plans for “rooting out the systemic racism that still exists throughout our criminal justice system,” fixing the economy and her vision for racial justice in America. When asked about the criticisms of her …

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