Terry Crews Opens Up After Receiving Backlash Over His Recent Tweets: “Black People Must Be Allowed To Have Other Views”

Terry Crews Says Same Sex Children will be malnourished

On Tuesday morning, actor Terry Crews made a tweet that did not sit well with many people. In his tweet, he suggested that the Black Lives Matter movement would lead to Black supremacy. ”We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter,” Crews tweeted. The television personality received responses from multiple …

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Former Trump Aide Says Donald Trump Is Obsessed With Destroying Barack Obama’s Legacy: “This is personal for Trump”

Trump and Barack Obama

– Written by: @kristenshylin_ Since the 2016 presidential election, everyone has seen the ongoing tension between Donald Trump and Barack Obama. Trump has always been very vocal about his disapproval of the forever President and his policies. However, some believe that Trump’s proposals to remove Obama’s policies are not politically …

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28 Family Members Contract Coronavirus, Father Dies

28 People Get Coronavirus

Written by: @kristenshylin_ A 60-year-old man, Vidal Garay, died the day before Father’s Day ahead of a celebration with his family, according to The Central Valley Business Journal. Vidal’s wife, Norma Garay, said she wished it was all a bad nightmare as she described the loss of her partner. Norma’s …

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Texas Real Estate Company Will Use The Term “Primary” Instead Of “Master” To Describe Rooms On Property Listings

Property Listing

Written by: @kristenshylin_ On Thursday, CNN reported that the Houston Association of Realtors announced its decision to retire the word “master” to describe bedrooms and bathrooms in its listings. As the Black Lives Matter movement progresses and demands to remove symbols of racism within corporate America, erasing “master” from real …

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Research From Florida Scientists Indicates Newly Found Mutated Strain of the Coronavirus Is More Infectious Than The First Virus That Circulated Across The World


Written by: @kristenshylin_ “The virus has, under selection pressure, made itself more stable,” scientist Michael Farzan said. This month, the Scripps Research Institute scientific team published online that the mutant virus infects cells at a higher and more efficient rate. Scripps Research Institute is a facility where principal investigators and …

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U.S. Government Sent Stimulus Checks To Nearly 1.1 Million Dead People


Written by: @kristenshylin_ The U.S. Government Accountability Office, an independent government agency that monitors government spending, announced that millions of deceased people received $1,200 payments by the end of April. According to The Guardian, a federal watchdog reported that the Trump administration spent roughly $1.4 billion on improper payments.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Payments …

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She Likes You, But Not Your Race

black men on race

by Cambreisha M. The topic she likes you but doesn’t like your race is a very touchy subject for black men. The fact of the matter is that if she has stereotypical views of your race that are negative, then she might like you, but not the race you come …

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