Vietnam Woman Spreads Covid-19 to 15 Other Passengers On Her Flight

Ukraine Flight Crash

 Written By @cabbagepatchgrl In March, a 27-year-old woman boarded her flight from London to Hanoi, Vietnam, despite her symptoms of Covid-19. According to a study published Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the individual spread Covid-19 to 15 others aboard the flight. Researchers say the woman was …

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The Home of Two New Jersey Cops Shot up With New Born Inside

Georgia POlice

Written By @cabbagepatchgrl Police are searching for two suspects who shot at a New Jersey home that belonged to two police officers and their newborn. Camden’s Police Chief Joseph Wysocki said at a news conference, “I don’t know what the motive is at this time, but I do know that …

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Netflix ‘Cheer’ Star Jerry Harris Arrested For Child Porn

Jerry Harris

Written By @cabbagepatchgrl 21-year-old Netflix star Jerry Harris has been arrested on production of child pornography charges. The Chicago Tribune reports that the cheerleader was charged in federal court on Thursday. The FBI has been investigating Harris after allegations of inappropriate sexual misconduct with a minor surfaced. Two 14-year-old twin …

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Protesters Demand Justice After Knife-Wielding Man Is Shot And Killed by Police

Knife Weilding Man

Written By @cabbagepatchgrl Lancaster, Pennsylvania, protesters are calling for national attention after a fatal police shooting. Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams addressed the protestors in a statement released Sunday. They claimed that the office would be releasing ongoing updates regarding the shooting in a” timely” fashion. “A police-involved shooting …

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