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Protesters Demand Justice After Knife-Wielding Man Is Shot And Killed by Police

Knife Weilding Man

Written By @cabbagepatchgrl Lancaster, Pennsylvania, protesters are calling for national attention after a fatal police shooting. Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams addressed the protestors in a statement released Sunday. They claimed that the office would be releasing ongoing updates regarding the shooting in a” timely” fashion. “A police-involved shooting …

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Pennsylvania Girl Shot in Face After Answering Her Front Door

Former VA Trooper Accused Of Catfishing and Kidnapping Teen Before Killing Her Family

Written By @cabbagepatchgrl In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, about 60 miles north of Philadelphia, an 11-year-old was shot in the face after she answered a knock at her front door late Wednesday night. The girl was still undergoing treatment Thursday and is expected to survive but suffered “significant facial trauma,” said Bethlehem …

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