Caché Roberts

Issa Rae Debuts a New “Insecure” Mobile Game

Issa Rae

Expect to interact with your favorite Insecure characters in the newest game, Insecure: The Come Up. Issa Rae just announced how she’s teaming up with black-owned game company Glow Up Games and HBO to launch her first mobile game. Insecure die-hard fans can expect storylines through following Issa Dee (Issa …

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Debt Collectors Now Allowed to Slide in Your DMs


If you thought a call or two wasn’t enough, what about a DM on Instagram? Debt collectors are now allowed to slide in your DMs on social media. New rules govern how U.S. debt collectors can contact those in debt and officially came into effect November 30. According to Business …

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Barbados to Cut Ties with Queen Elizabeth II

Barbados flag

The Caribbean country Barbados is cutting ties with the Queen to become a republic. Barbados will be a republic, which is a government ruled by the representatives of the citizen. It has been 55 years since the country declared independence from Britain. The country’s governor, Sandra Mason, said the revival …

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