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Chris Rock’s Brother Tony Rock Says Their Mom ‘Hits Harder’

Chris Rock's Brother Tony Rock Says Their Mama Hits Harder

Chris Rock’s brother, Tony Rock, is the latest celebrity to voice their opinion on the infamous slap. He called Will Smith’s slap “foul” when asked about it this week. He also told fans that their mom “hits harder.” Foul — Tony Rock (@TONYROCK) March 29, 2022 No …

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Walmart Will Stop Selling Cigarettes in Some Stores

FDA Proposes Ban On Menthol Cigarettes & Flavored Cigars

After years of pressure for big chains to cut ties with tobacco, Walmart is taking a step towards removing tobacco. Coming soon, Walmart will remove cigarettes in select stores. Select stores in Florida, California, Arkansas, and New Mexico will be removing cigarettes. A Walmart spokesperson told CNN Business that it …

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The Black News Channel is Shutting Down

The Black News Channel is Shutting Down

Black News Channel is officially closing the curtains and shutting down. The independent cable news channel gave a voice to underrepresented individuals and initially launched in 2020. The National Association of Black Journalists announced Friday that the network was ending, saying it “learned that plans are in the works to …

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Kim Kardashian Wants to Start a “Successful Law Firm”

Kim Kardashian, Reform Alliance & Michael Rubin Pay Over 50 Mothers' Restitution

In Vogue Hong Kong’s 2022 April issue, Kim Kardashian opened up about her aspirations. And her aspirations include opening a “successful” law firm. She says, “I dream of one day creating a successful law firm.” Kardashian admitted that she’s “never worked so hard” like she did when passing the baby …

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Vladmir Putin Upset About ‘Cancel Culture’ For Russia

Russia Reportedly Asked China For Military And Economic Help

Putin feels the heat from cancel culture and believes he has a lot in common with J.K. Rowling. According to TMZ, he’s “saying cancel culture has gone from shutting out people to canceling his entire country.”  During a press conference on Friday, the Russian dictator talked about his country being shunned …

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Man Smuggles More Than 1,700 Reptiles Into U.S.


According to Californian Justice Department, a man faces some serious prison time after attempting to smuggle reptiles into the U.S. Apparently, he’s been doing it for the past five years and just got caught last month.  30-year-old Jose Manuel Perez, aka Julio Rodriguez, tried smuggling dozens of critters from Mexico …

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Kanye West Names Former Nike Director as Head of Yeezy’s

Nus Abbas

Yeezy confirmed in a press release that Kanye West had named former Nike designer Nus Abbas as head of Yeezy’s design.  The new position within the company tasks Abbas with expanding Yeezy. Apparently, he will oversee the direction and launch of projects while reporting directly to West. The company says …

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