5 Thanksgiving Dishes You Do Not Want To F**k Up

In most of our households, Thanksgiving Dinner is like the last supper. Not just anybody is allowed in the kitchen, and definitely not just anybody can feed the family. And if anything served doesn’t taste good, rest assured whoever made it will be banned from cooking until the next holiday …

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Dr. Anthony Fauci Predicts 200,000 Americans Will Die From COVID-19

The U.S. government’s foremost infection disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, says the country could experience anywhere between 100,000 – 200,000 deaths and millions of infections from the current coronavirus pandemic. His prediction would take the death toll well past that of the average seasonal flu. Dr. Fauci was recently featured …

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Miguel A. Nunez Jr. Arrested For Shoplifting Groceries

Miguel A. Nunez Jr.

Miguel A. Nunez Jr. attempted to walk out of Ralph’s supermarket in L.A. with $200 worth of groceries. According to TMZ, the “Juwanna Mann” star was checking out at the supermarket when his credit card got declined. So he walked away and out the door, with the groceries still in …

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Civil Rights Leader Joseph Lowery Dies Of Natural Causes At 98

Rev. Joseph E. Lowery passed away Friday at his home in Atlanta, GA, surrounded by family members, according to a statement made by his family. “He died from natural causes unrelated to the coronavirus outbreak, the statement said. The King Center in Atlanta honored Lowery in a tweet Friday night …

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Ten Dead After Coronavirus Quarantine Hotel Collapses In China

A coronavirus quarantine center collapsed Saturday night in southeastern China, and so far, ten people have been reported deceased. According to the Ministry of Emergency Management, 80 people were inside the building when it suddenly collapsed. Nine people escaped, 71 were trapped beneath rubble. Of those, 48 have been recovered …

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