Crystal Gross

Lyft Received Over 4,000 Sexual Assault Reports in 3 Year Span

On Thursday, the ride-hailing company Lyft has released its 16-page safety report which shows 4,158 sexual assaults that occurred between 2017 and 2019. There were 1,096 in 2017, 1,255 in 2018, and 1,807 in 2019. The reports indicate that within the time span, the number of assaults increased by 65%. …

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Cities & States Offering Residents Universal Basic Income


Y’all remember those stimulus checks people were getting? Well, it’s unlikely that another round of those will pass on a federal level, but there are some states offering universal basic income (UBI). UBI is a set of recurring payments that people get from the government, The-Sun reported. The payments can …

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Louisville Cop Who Shot Breonna Taylor Wants Job Back

breonna taylor and Myles Colgrove

How sway? The Louisville, KY police officer who killed Breonna Taylor wants his job back. Myles Colgrove was fired from the LMPD in January for his involvement in the shooting. He will present his case to the Louisville Metro Police Merit Board in December. This year, Cosgrove was fired for …

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Kash Doll Says She Was One Of Michigan’s Highest Paid Dancer

Kash Doll Robbed

Rapper Kash Doll recently opened up about when she was a dancer at a strip club, saying she once was one of the highest-paid dancers in Michigan. During her interview with Jalen Rose for his Renaissance Man podcast, Kash said she decided to dance after someone stole her car, her house caught …

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17 American Missionaries Kidnapped by Haiti Gang

A gang in Haiti is being blamed for kidnapping 17 American missionaries, including a 2-year-old, police reported. The same gang—the 400 Mawozo gang– was blamed earlier this year for kidnapping five priests and two nuns. The gang allegedly kidnapped the group, which included some elderly people, in Ganthier, Fox5 Atlanta …

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