NYC Lawmakers Approve Plan To Close Rikers Island Jail By 2026: “Mass Incarceration Did Not Begin In New York City, But It Will End Here”

Rikers Island

New York City lawmakers are making major strides to shut down Rikers Island jail complex, a jail notoriously known for violence, disfunction, inhumane conditions, and home of one of the world’s largest correctional and mental institutions. The City Council voted 36-13 Thursday, to close the jail by 2026 and to replace …

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Transgender Comedian Daphne Dorman Dies By Suicide

Daphne Dorman x Dave Chappelle

Daphne Dorman, an up-and-coming transgender comedian, actress, and activist, died by suicide on Friday, according to the Office of Transgender Initiatives for the City & County of San Francisco. The comedian was recently known by some for being referenced by Dave Chappelle in a recent Netflix special. Dorman, 44, left a …

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