What’s Coming And Leaving Netflix In December 2020


As always, we will be saying goodbye to some Netflix favorites throughout the month of December. But, as the well-known saying goes, “the end is just the beginning,” and the streaming service will be adding tons of new content while they rid the old. Thanks to Wavy, look below to …

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Trump Pardons Former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn Pardoned

Legally speaking, while in office, Donald Trump has been known for getting his friends off and, after a long-running legal battle regarding the Russian investigation, he has decided to pardon his first national security advisor, Michael Flynn. “It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has …

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Terminally Ill Man Confesses To A 25-Year-Old Cold Murder Case

Alabama Man Confesses to Murder

53-year-old Johnny Dwight Whited decided it was finally time to come clean and confessed to being the one who pulled the trigger in a 1995 Alabama cold murder case. On Wednesday, Whited called the Decatur Police Department and told a detective that he had shot Christopher Alvin Dailey in 1995, …

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Obama Says Election Results Show The Nation Is Deeply Divided

Barack Obama Talks Cancel Culture

It’s been two weeks since President-elect Joe Biden was chosen as the next President of the United States. While over 70 million Americans voted for change, a highly similar number voted for a continuance of bigotry. This is proof that the nation is bitterly divided, according to former President Barack …

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UPS Ends Ban On Beards And Natural Black Hairstyles


UPS has finally done it! On Wednesday, after a-long controversial fight regarding discrimination, the shipping company loosened their facial hair and hairstyle policies for their employees who are frequently interacting with the public. Previously, according to CNN, most employees were restricted from having beards, and if they chose to have …

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Second Suspect Arrested In Fatal Shooting Of 4-Year-Old Ohio Boy

A second suspect has been arrested in a home invasion turned homicide, leaving 4-year-old Rowan Sweeny dead and four others injured. On September 21 in Struthers, Ohio, the aftermath of a home break-in left Rowan to die in his mother’s arms. According to People, referencing local reports, on Wednesday, as Brandon …

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