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How To Understand The “I’m About To” Man!

I’m About To Man

Nothing ruins a man’s appeal more than finding out he’s full of empty promises, constantly saying, “I’m about to,” but never taking action.  Have you ever been with a guy who talked about his goals and aspirations but never made progress toward them?  He’s the “Next Summer I’m Finna…” guy, …

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I Hate The Word “Exotic” & Here’s Why..

multi ethnic girls

When referring to light-skinned, curly-haired, mixed women, there is no word thrown around more than the word “exotic.” I absolutely cannot stand the word “exotic” and it has absolutely nothing to do with me being a brown skin sista myself.  Let’s start with the obvious thing that disturbs me about …

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Did Z-Ro Record A Song About Beating Just Brittany?

Things may not look good for Z-Ro now that TMZ has gotten their hands on a song he allegedly recorded and sent Just Brittany one month after he assaulted her.   The incident occurred in April, however, Brittany did not report the assault until July. She also reportedly has 21-minute cell …

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Los Angeles To Host 2028 Summer Olympics

Los Angeles and Paris have been facing off all year to determine who would host the 2024 Summer Games. However, with both cities being prime locations, the International Olympic Committee couldn’t come to a decision — so they chose both cities as hosts. Paris will host the Summer Olympics in …

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