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Lyft’s CEO Is Aiming To Reduce Surge Pricing For Customers

Lyft's CEO Is Aiming To Reduce Surge Pricing For Customers

Lyft is pushing to reduce surge pricing by boosting the availability of drivers. In the recent earnings call, CEO David mentioned that Lyft experienced an “improved balance” in its marketplace from active riders and drivers. He reported a 35% decrease in Lyft rides with surge pricing during the second quarter …

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Smash or Pass? Lay’s Reintroduces Its “Flavor Swap” Chips

Lay's Reintroduces Its "Flavor Swap"

Lay’s is relaunching a popular potato chip variation. The snack company revealed on Tuesday its plans to reintroduce “Flavor Swap” (their chip combinations) for the third consecutive year. Notably, the fresh selection will incorporate a cherished Canadian chip into the mix. Lay’s Kettle Cooked Ruffles All Dressed chips combine iconic …

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Burger King Launches New Crispy Chicken Wrap in Three Flavors

Burger King Business Partner Refusing to Close Over 800 Restaurants in Russia

Since McDonald’s isn’t bringing back, the snack wraps anytime soon, Burger King has decided to take over. The fast food chain has revealed its plan to introduce the “BK Royal Crispy Wraps,” a bite-sized variation of their BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, launching on August 14th. The fresh addition to …

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Robert De Niro’s Grandson Cause Of Death Has Been Revealed

Robert De Niro Says New Baby Was Planned

Leandro De Niro Rodriguez, the grandson of actor Robert De Niro, passed away due to a mixture of drugs. More than a month later, medical examiners confirmed that the 19-year-old died after ingesting fentanyl, bromazolam, alprazolam, 7-amino clonazepam, ketamine, and cocaine. On July 13th, law enforcement arrested Sofia Haley Marks …

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