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Kids Version of ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Headed to TV


‘Wheel of Fortune’ is getting a spin-off but for kids instead. On Thursday, Sony Pictures Television revealed its intention to develop a spin-off version of the famous game show “Wheel of Fortune.” The proposed show will be specifically designed to cater to children and younger viewers, with challenges tailored to their …

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Rick Ross Shows Off His New Private Jet

Rick Ross Launches Weed Strain 'Collins Ave' in Collaboration With High Tolerance

Rick Ross has expanded his already extensive collection of automobiles by adding a luxurious private jet to his possessions. Known for his love of motor vehicles, the Florida rapper, also known as Ricky Rozay, boasts an impressive collection of over 100 cars and motorcycles.  In keeping with his personal style, …

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Gervonta “Tank” Davis Claims His Florida Mansion Was Burglarized While He’s Currently Behind Bars

Gervonta Davis Converts to Islam, Adopts Muslim Name Abdul Wahid

Gervonta “Tank” Davis reveals that his luxurious Florida mansion was broken into following a judge’s decision to revoke his home detention sentence. According to court documents, Davis’s attorney Michael Tomko, claims valuable possessions, including significant boxing memorabilia and a collection of rare automobiles, were stolen from the boxer’s residence. Miranda …

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Actor Bill Murray And Singer Kelis Are Reportedly Dating

Kelis Says She Won't Be Addressing Bill Murray Dating Rumors: "I Wouldn't Bother At All"

Kelis‘s hit song “Milkshake” may have attracted not only boys but also actor Bill Murray to the yard! During last weekend’s Mighty Hoopla Festival in South London, Kelis shared the stage with Murray, and an exciting photo of them together emerged, later posted on NTS Radio’s official Twitter page. The …

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Disney Confirms That “Hocus Pocus 3” Is In The Works

Disney Confirms That "Hocus Pocus 3" Is In The Works

Disney is officially developing a third installment to its original “Hocus Pocus” film. During a recent interview with The New York Times, Sean Bailey, the president of Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production, confirmed that the studio is actively involved in the development of Hocus Pocus 3. No additional details …

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L.A. Metro Authority Proposes “Congestion Pricing” To Tackle High Traffic

L.A. Metro Authority Proposes "Congestion Pricing" To Tackle High Traffic

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Authority is considering new ideas to combat traffic congestion. The Traffic Reduction Study conducted by Metro is investigating an innovative approach that has demonstrated success in other major cities like London, Stockholm, and Singapore. 2020 the study commenced by conducting listening sessions involving elected officials, …

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FaceTime Video Voicemail and More New Features Coming to Apple iOS 17

Apple introduces iOS 17, which includes various improvements and new features. On Monday, Apple announced its new iOS feature that includes new safety options, a built-in journaling app, a new nightstand mode, redesigned contact cards, better auto-correct and voice transcription, and live voicemail. Users’ contact book also receives an upgrade …

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Justin Combs Reportedly Arrested For DUI

Justin Combs Says Claims Of Him Helping Diddy Recruit Underage Girls Are "All Lies!"

Justin Combs, the oldest son of Diddy, was taken into custody over the weekend for driving under the influence. According to sources in law enforcement, Justin was arrested on Sunday morning close to Beverly Hills after an officer saw his vehicle run a red light. The incident took place at …

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