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Black-Owned Publicly Traded Companies You Can Invest In

black traded companies

In light of the recent boom on Wall Street, thanks to Reddit and GameStop, we’ve come up with a list of some Black-owned publicly traded companies that you can invest in. As of April 2020, there were about 63,700 Black-owned companies. After all, it is Black History Month, so why …

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Drake Reaches 50 Billion Streams On Spotify


Drake has been in the game for years, and now his songs have reached 50 billion streams on Spotify. According to Chart Data, the Toronto-born rapper is the first artist in history to reach as many streams. According to a breakdown of the data on Chart Master – Drake has …

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New Strain Of Coronavirus Is Detected In California

Coronavirus Updates

A new strain of coronavirus has popped up in California. Unlike the newer strain identified in the UK, a third strain of the virus has been seen in a dozen California counties, including LA,  health officials said Sunday. This comes as California has 3 million infections, with Los Angeles being …

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Jessie J Sets The Story Straight About Her Meniere’s Disease: “I Watched The Media Take 3 Words And Create A Very Dramatic Version Of The Truth”

Jessie j

Jessie J sets the story straight about her scare with Meniere’s disease over Christmas after some facts were incorrectly reported. The singer revealed on Instagram that she was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease – an inner ear syndrome – on Christmas Eve. Headlines quickly read that she was hospitalized and was …

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