Students At LeBron James’ ”I Promise” School Show Major Improvements, New Report Shows Students Tested Higher Than 70 Percent Of Students Districtwide 

Lebron James I Promise

The students at LeBron James’ “I Promise” School have made major accomplishments with high grade and test scores, behavioral improvements and more. Back in 2018, James officially opened up his ”I Promise School that caters to educating at-risk youth. The school currently works with grades three and four, but there …

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White Suspect In Louisiana Black Church Fires Is The Son Of Sheriff’s Deputy; Reports Show He Was Influenced By Black Metal Music 

Man Arrested In Black Church Fires

Holden Matthews, the suspect named in relation to the burnings of three historically Black churches in Louisiana, is reportedly the son of the sheriff’s deputy. The state fire marshal said Thursday that Holden, 21, may have been influenced by “black metal” music and “its associated history with church burnings” when …

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