U.S. Jewish Doctor Describes Treating A COVID-19 Patient Who Had Swastika Tattoos Covering His Body: ‘I Had Never Felt Quite So Challenged In That Way In My Compassion Before’

Taylor Nichols - ABC

A U.S. Jewish doctor tweets about his experience treating a COVID-19 patient who had neo-Nazi tattoos.  Chile, it’s sad we live in a country where racism, bigotry, and hate are embedded in the creation of the United States, our home, and that we’re still seeing the effects of that today. …

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Georgia Election Officials Call Out Donald Trump And Republicans Asking Them To Stop Inciting Violence: ‘It’s Un-American’

Gabriel Sterling at Press Conference

Georgia election officials call for Donald Trump and Republicans to “stop inciting acts of violence’ as Trump continues to claim voter fraud.  On Tuesday, a Georgia election official condemned threats of physical violence and intimidation made against election workers and officials, who are asking Trump to denounce the poor behavior, …

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Facial Recognition Company Lied To School About Its Racist Technology That Targets Black People

Documents reveal Lockport School District’s facial recognition system wrongly identifies Black students at disproportionately higher rates, and mistakes brook handles for guns.  Families of students, particularly Black families in upstate New York, have been concerned about their children’s safety during school following the installation of a network of facial recognition …

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