Kevin Hart Responds To Backlash After Saying His Daughter Performed ‘Hoe Activity’ In New Netflix Special ‘Zero F*cks Given’: ‘I Called Three Hoes I Knew And Asked Them Is This Hoe-Like Activity’

Kevin Hart responds after receiving backlash for saying his daughter performed “hoe” behavior for talking to multiple guys that she was interested in during his stand-up, “Zero Fucks Given.” Hart, 41, dropped his latest comedy special on Netflix, and since then, he’s been receiving some good and bad reviews. The …

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Happy Vegan Thanksgiving! Animal-Free Options For The Holidays

What’s a #vegan or plant-based person you to do when  #Thanksgiving comes around? Well, they eat vegan and plant-based items. The great thing about Thanksgiving food is that it doesn’t all include meat. You’re still able to enjoy your greens (without meat), candied yams, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and more …

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LisaRaye McCoy Clears Up The Comments She Made About Halle Berry’s Bedroom Business: ‘They Tore My Ass Up This Week Talking About I Said Her P*ssy Was Trash’

LisaRaye McCoy and Halle Berry

LisaRaye McCoy clears up her comments on Halle Berry’s sex life.  During an episode of Fox Soul’s “Cocktails with Queens,” McCoy made a suggestive remark about award-winning actress Halle Berry’s bedroom business. She alleged that Berry wasn’t so hot in the bedroom. First, the ladies of the show were discussing …

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Trump Supporter Charged After Forcefully Exhaling Onto Two Women

Raymond Deskins

A Trump supporter has been charged with assault after he forcefully exhaled onto two women outside of Donald Trump’s Virginia golf course. Another day, another Trump supporter getting caught doing something nasty and weird. On Saturday, 61-year-old Raymond Deskins was caught on camera pulling air into his mouth and blowing …

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Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty To Greatly Contributing To The Country’s Ongoing Opioid Crisis; Paid Doctors To Write Patients Prescriptions For Its Painkillers

Opioid Crisis

Purdue Pharma has pleaded guilty to contributing to the opioid epidemic that has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the United States.  On Tuesday, Purdue Pharma, one of the leading OxyContin makers, pleaded guilty to three federal criminal charges related to its role in creating …

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