Blogging since 2006, Regan has written for numerous online publications including, and her own online labor of love In 2010, as her alter-ego Honeygrip, Regan was the gossip correspondent for controversial radio personalities Star & Bucwild. Each experience not only thickened her skin but it introduced her to a new passion, the new realm of ‘social media’.

Mr. Potato Head Is Now Gender Neutral

Don’t call it “Mister” anymore! Hasbro, the company that makes the iconic potato-shaped plastic toy, announced earlier today that it is giving the spud a gender-neutral new name: “Potato Head.” Toymakers are updating their classic brands to reflect the changing world and appeal to today’s kids. Hasbro contends that Mr. …

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Transgender Twins Underwent Double Sex Change Surgery

Two identical twins in Brazil, who were born male, are now apart of medical history, after undergoing double gender confirmation surgery to become female–a medical first. According to The New York Post, the 19-year-old twins, Mayla Rezende and Sofia Albuquerck, who are from a small town in southwestern Brazil, were …

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Twitter Reacts: DaBaby Catches Heat For Dissing Jojo Siwa

Da Baby

DaBaby released a track entitled “Beatbox Freestyle” in which the Charlotte rapper spits over SpotemGottem’s viral hit “Beatbox“. In the song, DaBaby appears to take shots at notable rappers like T.I. and strangely even Jojo Siwa caught some heat. “Got a big .45 on dec**k (Go), Usin’ big words like …

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