Blogging since 2006, Regan has written for numerous online publications including, and her own online labor of love In 2010, as her alter-ego Honeygrip, Regan was the gossip correspondent for controversial radio personalities Star & Bucwild. Each experience not only thickened her skin but it introduced her to a new passion, the new realm of ‘social media’.

Flavor Flav Wants To Help Melinda Gates Find A New Man

Flavor Flav kicked out

The announcement of the billion-dollar divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates is still fresh, but Flavor Flav is already offering to help Melinda find love. The rap and reality TV legend told Too Fab that Melinda should follow in his dating show footsteps. Flav pitched his idea during a recent …

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Sacramento Police Officer Accused of Filing False Police Reports

A Sacramento police officer has been arrested for two counts of filing a false police report. 26-year-old officer Alexa Palubicki had only been with the department for three years when the months-long investigation into her contract began.  The Sacramento PD announced in a news release that Palubicki had been placed …

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Twitter Reacts: Zelle Trends On Twitter After Viral “Culture Shock” TikTok Reveals “Banking Differences” Outside the U.S.

Money Shaming

A viral Tiktok about “culture shocks” set Twitter ablaze this morning. In the circulating clip, the TikToker goes into detail about different culture shocks she experienced after moving from the U.S. to Australia. One of these ‘shocks’ was that people outside of America were accustomed to instantly transferring funds bank-to-bank, …

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Moderna Says Its COVID-19 Vaccine Is 96% Effective In Teens


Moderna is now touting that its vaccine is 96% effective in teens ages 12-17. The drug maker recently announced the results of its Phase 2 trial in reporting for their first-quarter earnings. The vaccine has already generated $1.7 billion in revenue in its fiscal first quarter. Moderna’s announcement also comes …

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Not So Fast: Twitter Immediately Suspends Trump’s Newest Account

twitter suspends Donald Trump

Twitter immediately shut down an account created by Donald Trump’s communications team. The @DJTDesk account was created in an attempt to circumvent the social media site’s ban against Donald Trump. The account was allegedly set up as a channel to share statements from the former one-term President, which would also …

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