A Study Finds That Police Treat Black Drivers With Less Respect

Photos Of Child Waxing Nude Woman Has Prompted Investigation In Memphis

Police officers treat black drivers much differently during traffic stops than white drivers. A study conducted by assistant professor, Nicholas Camp, at the University of Michigan previously found that police officers speak in a less respectful language to black drivers than whites which can hinder community trust. Camp’s new peer-reviewed …

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A Colorado Woman Was Kidnapped And Waterboarded For “Snitching”

Multiple Teens Arrested After Several Stores Looted In Downtown Philadelphia

According to an arrest report obtained by local news, a Colorado woman was kidnapped and waterboarded by seven suspects for “snitching.” The seven suspects were arrested this month for the victim’s alleged kidnapping, torture, and attempted murder. The victim’s name has not been released. The investigation started back in August …

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First Responders In Montreal, Canada Misidentified A Burned Dead Body For A Mannequin; Placed Body In A Dumpster

Texas Girl Shot Her Father And Then Herself In Alleged Murder Plot

An investigation is underway in Montreal, Canada, after a dead body was misidentified as a Mannequin by local firefighters. At first, the body of a missing Sherbrooke local woman was tossed in a dumpster. “We are obviously sorry for this situation,” the head of the Sherbrooke police service Danny McConnell, said Thursday at a televised press conference. …

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Walmart to Cover College Tuition and Books Costs for its Employees

An Atlanta Walmart Is Considering Adding A Police Station Inside Of Its Store

Walmart announced on Tuesday that the big box retail giant would be covering college tuition and book costs to part-time and full-time employees. The educational program will be available to roughly 1.5 million workers. The company feels that this is a step in the right direction after experiencing staff shortages …

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