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Is Your Vagina Depressed?

-blogged by @siren We all go through “dry spells” at one point or another, who would have thought that not getting enough sex could lead your vagina  to depression. According to a London based sex therapist women who don’t have a sexual relationship with a partner or themselves can experience …

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Relationships – Domestic Violence Is Never OK

  This past weekend a tragedy occurred when Kassandra M. Perkins was cut short at the hands of her boyfriend/child of her father. Since this weekend there have been numerous articles speculating what may have caused this senseless tragedy. I have read articles questioning Ms. Perkins motives in dating Javon …

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Game Day Food To Keep Him Home: Cheesesteaks

Ladies, I don’t know too many who don’t enjoy a hearty cheesesteak sandwich while they are enjoying a Sunday afternoon game. I like to make them at home sometimes instead of ordering out. The great thing about a cheesesteak is you can customize it to your liking with assorted toppings …

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