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The Difference Between Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

Culture Vs Race and Ethnicity

Judging by the comments people post online, it’s hard to determine if people are unaware, oblivious, naive, willfully ignorant or just plain dumb when it comes to a lot of topics that don’t directly involve celebrity beef, gossip, and consumerism. You would think with all this free access to information …

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Best Black Valentine’s Day Movies Of All Time

You have to admit; love is a very beautiful thing. In real life, you may experience bumps in the road, but on-screen you can always expect to enjoy a happy ending. From “Jason’s Lyric” and “Poetic Justice” to “Mahogany” and “Carmen Jones,” we’ve had a variety of films featuring black …

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10 Celebs Who Never Won A Grammy But Deserved It

How many times have you watched an awards show and were left disappointed by seeing your favorite entertainer snubbed at the end? Unfortunately, it happens all too often for reasons that aren’t always clear. No matter how popular the artist, successful the song or award nominations, it does not guarantee …

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Top 10 Super Bowl Performances Of All Time

The Super Bowl audience is unique and diverse. Some people are watching solely for the love of the game, while others are watching for the musical performances and over the top commercials. No matter which kind of viewer you are, you can’t help but to be amazed by some of …

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Black History Month: What Will Your Legacy Be?

As we all know, February marks the formal celebration of Black History Month. What you may not know is that before there was a designated month to celebrate the culture, people, achievements and contributions of African Americans, Carter G. Woodson launched “Negro History Week” in 1926. However, it wasn’t declared …

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Put The Phone Down And Help Out Those In Need

We’re not even a good thirty days into the new year, and I suppose being a good and decent human wasn’t on the list of resolutions for some. Between the disgusting display of blatant hate and prejudice by the Florida couple towards young black boys in Brickell and the disturbing …

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Ladies, We Have To Do A Little Better

Healthy conversations about behavior aren’t always based on praise. Sometimes, you may need a little tough love to see the error in some of your ways. Since the fellas are always butthurt in the comments section because they feel like blogs only highlight the myriad of issues that we have …

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Black on Black Crime Isn’t Real

Whenever there’s public outrage over police brutality against someone Black, there’s a knee jerk reaction by the public to invalidate the claim. More than one thing can be true at once and yet, it never fails that when highlighting some of the egregious acts of those who are hired, trained …

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