Airbnb Signs $500 Million Contract To Sponsor The Olympics

Airbnb for the Olympics

Airbnb just signed a $500 million contract to sponsor the Olympic Games until 2028. This is the first major sponsorship deal signed by the company, which now joins the ranks of major corporations like Coca-Cola and Toyota, who participate with the International Olympic Committee’s worldwide sponsorship program. Airbnb’s co-founder, Joe …

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That’s Baller: $1.7 Million Open Air McLaren Elva Roadster 

The automotive industry is looking ahead and trying to set new standards for the future. Luxury carmaker, McLaren, recently revealed a $1.7 million, open cockpit, limited-edition supercar. The one of a kind Elva Roadster boasts an open-air design in a “blurred boundaries” concept where, “There is no clear distinction between …

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Should Gender Roles Be Introduced To Children?

The world is changing and whether you agree with it or not, there’s no way around the topic of gender neutrality. For some adults, it’s hard to fathom and accept how a man can identify as a woman, how a woman can identify as a man and what being gender …

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Are Black People Culture-less?

Kanye West Talks TO Big Boi

If you were ever a fan of Kanye West as an artist, you may find yourself scratching your head trying to understand where he’s coming from these days. His public statements have divided audiences into a mixture of those who claim to see his spiritual growth and evolution to others …

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Baller Alert’s Best Halloween Costumes of 2019

Who said getting dressed up for Halloween was just for the kids? In anticipation of the upcoming festivities, some of our favorite celebs have already attended costume parties and shared their hilarious pics online. Of the pictures that have been posted so far, it’s safe to say that people are …

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That’s Baller: Uber To Release Flying Taxis In 2023

Uber for Flying Taxi

Uber, the popular rideshare company, continues to find innovative ways to change how we currently think of transportation. From car rides, scooters, and helicopters to flying taxis, Uber is trying to make Jetsons-like futuristic travel ideas available today.  According to reports, Uber is working with NASA to navigate and ensure …

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