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Ava DuVernay’s Array Releasing Company Has Partnered With JetBlue Airways To Create An In-Flight Channel To Connect Flyers With Indie Films [Video]

Ava DuVernay’s Array Releasing is launching a pop-up channel featuring 12 indie films on JetBlue Airways.

Starting Thursday, JetBlue will be including an in-flight channel for Array’s indie films to showcase to “connect audiences with indie cinema.”

“Over the years, I’ve experienced transformative moments by watching films while flying. Something about the intimacy of being in the air as stories unfold has always appealed to me,” DuVernay said in a statement.

She continued, “We launched Array Releasing in 2011 as a way to connect audiences with indie cinema made by underrepresented filmmakers. Our hope is that JetBlue travelers will sit back and enjoy the magic of these films, exploring new visions and new voices while in the majesty of mid-air.”

Each film will begin with a short video of Ava giving viewers a tour of both Array’s campus in Los Angeles’ Historic Filipinotown neighborhood.
“At JetBlue, we believe that to inspire humanity means you must be inclusive of all humanity. Which is why we are honored to partner with Ava DuVernay’s Array Releasing to debut an all-new category of diverse, independent feature films,” Mariya Stoyanova, JetBlue’s director of product development, said.
She continued, “We are excited to continue to use our library of in-flight entertainment as a discovery platform to share and showcase the important voices and stories these films champion.”
The partnership marks Array’s first in-flight deal since its launch in 2011. Since then, the company has acquired and distributed more than 40 indie films since.

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