Ayesha Curry Reportedly Sued For $10 Million Over Cooking Business

Ayesha Curry Reportedly Sued For $10 Million Over Cooking Business

Ayesha Curry, Steph Curry’s wife, is reportedly being sued by a celebrity branding company that helped launch her cooking career. The company called Flutie Entertainment, which is operated by Robert Flutie, filed the lawsuit against Ayesha this past Wednesday, April 15.

In the complaint obtained by the Blast, Flutie Entertainment alleges that they assisted in building Ayesha’s personal brand into the well known public figure she is today. Robert Flutie reportedly added that he met Ayesha back in 2014 when she had a cooking blog called Little Lights of Mine, which was her only project at that time. Ayesha signed to Robert’s company in November 2015 in hopes of building a separate brand apart from Steph Curry and his name.

Flutie Entertainment reportedly added to the claim that they assisted Ayesha in her dream of becoming a celebrity chef in comparison to “a current and modern-day version of Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray.” The company added in the claim that they came up with the proposal for Ayesha to release cookbooks, TV shows, and a brand of cooking products.

Ayesha is alleged to have fired Flutie Entertainment “out of the blue” in May 2019. Robert Flutie claims he was not aware of any issues between them before the severance of ties. The company alleges that Ayesha attempted to cut them out of “profits and interest in various projects.”

Flutie Entertainment is suing for $10 million in damages, 50% interest in Yardie Girl, Ayesha’s production company, and a percentage of the money she made from her cooking products and multiple business ventures. They believe they should be compensated for the deals they made during her contract between them.

Ayesha’s lawyer Michael Plonsker released a statement after the lawsuit was filed. He refuted all allegations made by Flutie Entertainment, stating, “Ayesha Curry terminated her business relationship with disgruntled manager Robert Flutie in early 2019. We are confident that the legal process will find his accusations nonsensical and completely unfounded.”

Ayesha CUrry Sued

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