Azealia Banks Arrested For Biting Security Guard’s Boobs

Azealia Banks has found herself in trouble with a security guard once again and this time she had to spend some time behind bars. 

According to Page Six, Banks allegedly punched and bit a female security guard’s breast during an altercation at the club Up&Down in the Meatpacking District. The incident happened around 12:30am Wednesday morning. Apparently Banks tried to enter a private birthday party with an invited guest but did not have the proper credentials to get in. “It was an invite-only party,” a witness said. “You needed a stamp to get in.” When Banks tried to enter the downstairs entreace and was told she had to go back upstairs and get a stamp, that’s when the scuffle began. 

“There was a female security guard and a male guard,” a source said, adding they “didn’t recognize Banks” — who began “screaming at the top of her lungs, cursing” and using racial slurs. A club owner noticed the commotion and “gave her a pass to let her in,” but “once she was 15 feet inside she starts to curse at the guards again, explaining who she was, that she’s on Rihanna’s album.”

A source says that Banks spit in the female bouncer’s face and as they escorted her out, “she bites the [female guard] in the breast, almost breaking her shirt.” The security guard luckily didn’t not sustain major injuries but there was swelling and redness. 

Banks was arrested and charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor. She was held at the Sixth Precinct for evaluation till Wednesday evening.

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