Azriel Clary And Joycelyn Savage Get Into Fight On Instagram Live, Clary Says Savage Had Sex With Her As A Minor

R. Kelly’s two “girlfriends” got into a fight at the singer’s home, and the entire incident was recorded.

Chicago police responded to a battery report at Kelly’s Trump Tower condo in Chicago following the throwdown. The two women involved were #AzrielClary and #JoycelynSavage. On Wednesday, Clary took to Instagram Live while cleaning out belongings from the condo.

The video starts with Savage screaming at Clary, saying, “You know that’s wrong, you know this is his house.” To which Clary responds, yelling back and saying, “I need to protect myself.” The incident quickly escalates when Savage moves towards Clary, and two begin fighting. Throughout the video, you can hear the two women attacking each other, and Clary, at one point, yells out, “You slept with me when I was a minor.” Clary claimed at the end of the video that she would be pressing charges against Savage for the same crimes that Kelly is currently being brought to justice for.

There were at least two other people in the room during the physical altercation. Clary told the people watching on her live that Kelly has “been lying to you guys” and claimed that Kelly had Savage lie for him also.

The story is still developing.

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