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B.O.B. kicked the year off with the introduction and release of his label, No Genre, in the form of a mixtape. If you were privy enough to check out his No Genre tour last fall, you were introduced to a few of the artists on the label. In true B.O.B fashion, the compilation is an eclectic sound that blurs the lines of music.


This mixtape represents a collection of stories of each individual’s journey. “Yea Mama” is a solid composition. It has that old school feel as the artists spit about the naysayers and “making it”. “ Any Means” also speaks to this particular tale.  Of course a story about one’s journey isn’t complete without the cocky bars about the perks of  admiration which can be found in “ Tour Bus” and “Wit My Name On It”.  “YRWAS” walks the same lines of arrogant truths as the aforementioned. It is boldly unapologetic. The beatnik, B.O.B., provided us with his usual creative flow while enlisting the diverse sounds of London Jae, Jaque Beatz, Scotty ATL, Jake Lambo and Lin- Z. While this makes for an intriguing sound and feel through out the musical effort, the song “Damn” proved to be my least favorite.  Lin-Z  failed to grasp my attention and her bars were A-B-C-ish. All artists start somewhere so the performer she was when she recorded this doesn’t define the performer she may become. The hook on “Watch Me” was a bit dry, but nothing incredibly boring to where I wouldn’t allow the song to play in its entirety. “Graduation Camp”  redeems any missed pars on the mixtape. ‘Jimmy Fallon” is an interesting track that unexpectedly catches the listener’s ear. “In The Air” is a very upbeat evoking an over all good feeling. It is very light and airy (no pun intended). It has texture that dances well with speakers.  “Sk8” and “Going Up” have Mr. Bobby Ray Bandz written all over them. They are two of my favorites thus far.

What I appreciate about this mixtape is that listeners can tell the artists were honest in creating it. I particularly like the talent that No Genre has. Each individual possess key factors that will makes the label a contender. No two sound alike nor provide the same effect. This mixtape isn’t the compilation of the decade, however it does give listeners a realistic taste of the label and proves to be solid for the first effort dropped from the group collectively.  It is definitely worth the download. It is laced with various tastes that will satisfy your palette. You just have to have an open mind and be unrestricted in your taste.



-Niko Rose

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