BA Exclusive: B.Simone Responds To Viral Moments & Talks New Collaboration w/ Footaction

BA Exclusive: B.Simone Responds To Viral Moments & Talks New Collaboration w/ Footaction

Women should be celebrated at all times and all hours of the day, not only during Women’s History Month. When it comes to a strong, inspirational female figure to look up to, look no further than B. Simone. The comedian, actress, entrepreneur, and the manifest queen is the definition of someone who never quit, and continues to defy all boundaries when it comes to her career. 

The Dallas, Texas native recently teamed up with Footaction for her second collaboration, Faith Over Fear, in perfect timing for Women’s History Month. Making history time and time again, B serves as the first woman to have her own collection with the brand, a company she’s been rocking since she was in high school. Additionally, she’s been going strong with her own cosmetic line B. Simone Beauty and even embarking on her own fitness and health journey called B. Simone Fit.

And still, media outlets and blogs can’t seem to leave B alone. In the past few months, she’s gone viral at least 3 times, with cancel culture at an all-time high thanks to the easy access to social media and the internet. Baller Alert caught up with B. Simone via Zoom, who was posted in Atlanta rocking her own clothing that read “Dream Bigger.” Read below to discuss her new collection with Footaction, going viral and bouncing back from cancel culture, her fitness journey, B. Simone Beauty, touring with Martin Lawrence, the importance of mental health and therapy, and more!

First off, what does Women’s History Month mean to you?

Of course, I’m a woman. I’m a black woman. I’ve been making history throughout my whole career, and I continue to do that. Just supporting my friends, a lot of my female friends are business owners. Of course, we’re the generation of entrepreneurs, so it’s been fun. A lot of them have launched things this month, promoting and supporting them along with myself has been really fun.

What’s special about this second collection you’re doing with Footaction?
I believe in me, it’s manifestation through your apparel. Footaction lets me have creative control and do what I want to do. With marketing, ads, promotion, anybody that has a business, the goal’s to get stuff off the shelves. For me, my brand and who I am personally, it’s easy. I love promoting something that’s going on in my real life. Not only am I preaching Faith Over Fear to these young girls, my supporters, the Footaction market, my market, I’m preaching it to myself. 

This whole year has been a huge transition for me. I’m walking into a new purpose, a new chapter of my life. Even though I’ve been preaching Faith Over Fear for a long time, out of my whole existence, recently is the time I’ve had to use it the most. I’m changing a lot. I’m not the person I was 6 months ago, a year ago, even a couple of months ago. I’m trying to figure out what direction I’m walking into.

Why now more than ever, Faith Over Fear?

I’m changing so much. You look at your old self, certain things you miss. Okay, I get it. That’s not who God called me to be, not my whole full purpose. It was a part of me, and a time. I worked a new part of me, I manifested new things. I’m in a totally different mind space. I’m maturing. I’m not 24 anymore, screening to the camera on the internet. I still have my personality, I’m still fun and exciting. But I’ve grown and shifted so much, that’s pouring through my content. I’m prayerful that I find who I’m becoming, and my supporters go in that direction and route with me. I started my fitness page, I’m on my fitness journey. I feel good.

How has your fitness journey been?

So good! I’m 6 pounds down, week 2. Slow and steady wins the race. I’ve been in and out of my fitness journey for 4 years. Of course being in the industry, it started off wanting to look good. I’m in the studio, I have to look good. I have to keep up, I have to have a good body. Photoshoots, video shoots, all that. I’ve been on that journey for years, but recently I changed my mindset. Okay, I cannot keep doing these crash diets. 

I tried everything from HDC to Keto. Fitness and wellness is not a diet, there’s no ending to it. It’s a lifestyle. There’s no race, there’s no finish line. This is something you need to do for the rest of your life. I needed something to hold me accountable because I kept falling off. I started a fitness page, it gets me excited to workout. Gets me excited to post dope content, keep up a dope aesthetics, and hold myself accountable. Alright girl, you can’t be the same size on this page in 3 months. Show people they can do it and motivate them while constantly motivating yourself. I really like it, it’s B. Simone Fit. 

What workouts work for you?

High intensity. I do a lot of weights of course, my goal’s to shed the fat and build muscle. Always the bigger legs and bigger butt, but genetically everyone’s bodies are different. My goal overall is to see what my body can really do. I have good things I love about my body, but I want to shed the fat and build a lot of muscle. A lot of high intensity burning that fat.

Who are you listening to when you’re working out?

Girl, sometimes when I don’t feel motivated, I do play gospel and that’s the totally opposite. I be praying “God, get me through this workout” when I’m running. When I’m turnt up, of course Drake. I play DaBaby, those are my favorite artists no matter what. I play Saweetie a lot, Cardi B. That “Up” song is so lit, I do that a lot when I’m running.

Are you still trying to get at DaBaby now that he’s single?

No ma’am. I chased him up and he didn’t let me catch him. That was fun while it lasted, I’m actually in a relationship now. I’ve been single for 10 years, this the first person in a very long time. I’m so happy.

I’m so happy to hear! I feel like he has to be able to keep up with you.

He’s with it man! He gotta come with it and he’s doing exactly that. He’s such a good person. Let’s just start there. If we weren’t intimate, would I even like you as a human? He’s an amazing person.

Let’s talk about you staying going viral.
Girl, I don’t even do it on purpose. God done dragged me through the mud on this internet, I’m just trying to motivate. Keep getting cancelled, I don’t know what I can say. It’s so crazy because the last video I made that went viral was such a uproar. Women were so mad at me about the list video. How are you mad about something that I didn’t say in the video? To my best friend, I said “you know what? I’m just going to be quiet.” She said “that’s what you’re not gonna do. You’re going to keep walking to your purpose, keep telling your truth, and keep being yourself. The people that received the message receives it. The people that don’t, it wasn’t for them anyway. 

She’s right. My best friend, we always have these deep conversations. She said “if people really knew you, you’re actually talking to yourself.” I don’t talk to my mother, I’m saying things that apply to my real life. I’m not an advice-giver, I’m a truth-teller. Anything I speak out of my mouth is something I’m either currently doing, have done, or have tried it. I share what works for me and making that damn list worked for me. It helped me grow, mature, reach a new state for myself. I definitely go by that list.

How do you get cancelled 3x & still bounce back like nothing?

The first time is the hardest, after that you’re good. How about having a whole room on Clubhouse on your timeline that literally says, “B Simone can go to hell,” and you jump in the room. I don’t want to talk, it takes a strong person to listen. Listen to what people  think about you, they have no idea who you are. Weeks later, they made a whole another room talking about “let’s give B Simone all her flowers.” Strangers motivate me, it’s beautiful. It shows to focus on the positive, the negative doesn’t matter. 

The only thing that matters in life is the truth. What’s the truth? People’s opinions about what they think, what matters is the truth. The truth is, I’m a pure person. I’m doing the work, I’m happy and fighting for my peace every day. I got my prayers right here. Every day I ask God to keep me humble, faithful, walking in my purpose, lead and do what’s right. I’m a good person, I’m walking in my purpose and trying to help people while helping myself. Anybody that doesn’t receive that, it’s not meant for them.

I joined a Clubhouse room where people were talking shit about me, I reacted and went in! How did you resist?

You have to remember a lot of things people are mad at in the world, it reflects on who they are and what they don’t like about themselves. It has nothing to do with you. I just listened, where in the video did I say the words “black women”? Never said it. Their points aren’t valid, you have to let a fool argue with themselves.

Did you feel wrong in saying you wouldn’t date a 9 to 5 man?
I did not. I felt wrong about the way people took it. I had a 9 to 5 two years ago, I’m not shitting on people who have 9 to 5’s. None of my family are entrepreneurs, everybody in my family has a 9 to 5. I have friends who have 9 to 5’s, most of them are entrepreneurs but I do know people that have jobs. What I should’ve said though, is somebody that has my lifestyle. I want someone who we can work on an island with, someone who understands my lifestyle. They took that one little piece and got offended. 


Most of the people who were upset had 9 to 5 and hate their jobs. They’re scared to jump out on faith and start their dreams. Once again, I apologize for that. I’m not shitting on people who have 9 of 5. I had a 9 to 5 less than two years ago. What I’m saying is I do want someone who has my lifestyle that can keep up, because I want my man behind me. I want to travel, I want to move around. “Ay we’re going to LA tomorrow, fuck it let’s go!”

What does Black Girl Magic mean to you?

It means being yourself. It means walking in your purpose, I’m so big on that. My friend Desi [Banks] got me so focused on purpose. Why are you here? What are you good at? We’ve had those conversations. Black Girl Magic is being a 100% authentically yourself, fighting for what you believe in and walking in your purpose. How are you helping other people? While still going into this life journey and helping yourself. It’s crazy. As soon as you think you know yourself, God will throw a right hook and you’ll be like “who am I?” You’re just sitting there. Life’s a never-ending evolution. You have to accept that and be open to being uncomfortable, know that you have to trust God more than you’re trying. “I’m trying, I’m trying,” stop trying and trust. Black Girl Magic is walking in your truth.

What’s the latest with B. Simone Beauty?
My birthday’s coming up, we’re dropping a new product on my birthday. April 5th, I’ll be 31. It’s going to be a whole rebirth. I’m walking into a new woman and I’m loving it, letting go of so much baggage, people, places, things that have nothing to do with my future. I’m excited, I could cry. I want to motivate anybody out there. If you’re going through a transition, a change, or a limbo space, if you’re confused, don’t have the answers, that’s okay. You don’t have to have all the answers, just keep going. One foot at a time, everything will unfold when it’s time. 

A new product is coming next month: The best, creamiest, pigmented, long-lasting lip gloss out there. I said it, I mean it. I have it on right now, the color Diamond. I don’t have on any makeup today. I’ve been on this Alicia Keys kick with no makeup. You know what? The less I wear, the more beautiful I feel.  It’s a time and place for it. We actually have the Manifest Queen t-shirt out now, manifest yourself. It’s all sold out, except for the small. So whoever’s listening, I hope you’re a size small. [laughs]

Your whole life, manifestation has worked for you?

My whole life, it’s unbelievable. My vision board’s right up there, I look at it every day and say everything I want. I want my house in Miami and LA looking over the city. I want it all built from the ground up in Atlanta. Everything I speak, history shows it’s proven. It’s a fact. Faith Over Fear, that’s what manifestation is. Everything in my life years ago has happened and come to life. You don’t have to worry about the how, worry about the when. God got that all figured out, you just need to set your eyes and keep going. People worry about how I’m going to do this, and when’s this going to happen? That’s relevant, have faith it’ll happen and enjoy the journey.  

Can we expect music from B. Simone?
Yes! I say that all the time. It’s coming y’all. I’m doing so much! I’m in therapy once a week, which I love. I’m in a relationship, I’m working out 6 times a week. I’m in a relationship. I’m going to a comedy tour in April, spot dates. When I find my groove in that, I’m definitely going to do music. I want to do more sing-y, rap stuff, more music with purpose. Speaking to people what I’ve been through, I know so many people can relate. 

Your last comedy show was touring with Martin Lawrence right?

Oh my God. That was my last show last year, last March. I haven’t been on stage since. I’m so fucking scared, I took a year break

What’d you learn from that experience?

I learned two things: I am stronger than I thought and your mind holds everything. When you can control your mind, you can take over the world. I’m 30 so right before Martin Lawrence, I had my first panic and anxiety attack in life. I was nervous and let it take over me. I was crying, I kicked everybody out of the room. I was panicking, I threw up. My best friend calmed me down. I wipe my tears, fix my makeup and walked on that stage in front of 30,000 people. People would have never known. Nobody knows what went through before that moment, but you can fight through anything. Your mind is everything. Change your mind, change your life.

How much time is spent on Baby Girl TV? What secrets do you have for Youtubers who also want to make it big?
I did Baby Girl TV for years before I was poppin’ and people knew who I was. It takes a lot of time. I had to hire somebody full-time to follow me around with a camera and talk about every little thing. A couple of times a week, he’d comes over, records a little bit of this and that about my life. We put it into a vlog for YouTube, but it’s hard. Sometimes we miss weeks. You have to be consistent, give my supporters content and let them know what’s going on.

Do you thrive in front of the camera?

Yeah, I’m the same person with or without it. I turn it up a notch when I’m funny or get excited.

What do you do for self-care?

Ooh girl, I got so many journals. So many books, I am on this healing journey. This generation, we’re so into self-care. We talk about it a little more. Therapy is still crazy or taboo, but I want to start that younger. Imagine if we’re journaling and talking to someone at 15, why am I trying to heal at 30? Some people are 80 or 90 and have the same mindset as if they’re in their 20’s, they never grow, heal, or face their traumas. I do a lot of that, my Bible’s open right here. I got my manifest list right here, I got my vision board. I speak life everyday. It’s staying positive, you need a strong mind to stay positive. It’s reprogramming, change that to “I’m healthy. I’m wealthy. I have energy.” Speaking things into your life and journaling has really helped me, it’s beautiful.

Anything else you want to let us know?

Clubhouse every Sunday, me and my relationship coach. She’s a relationship expert. It’s helped me so much in my personal walk, personal relationship. Advice from her, you’ll just hear my truth. Follow my fit journey, I don’t know what that’s going to lead to. I might be a body builder. I never had abs so that’s the goal.

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