Exclusive Details: Pretty Ricky Rapper Baby Blue Files Lawsuit Against South Florida Bowling Alley After Being Shot

Exclusive Details: Pretty Ricky Rapper Baby Blue Files Lawsuit Against South Florida Bowling Alley After Being Shot

Following reports of Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue being sentenced to 20 months in prison for PPP loan fraud, the rapper has now filed a lawsuit against a South Florida bowling alley after he was shot in its parking lot.

The “Love & Hip-Hop Miami” alum is seeking unspecified damages in a lawsuit filed against SpareZ bowling alley in Davie, FL. The civil suit claims that the business did not provide adequate security that could have prevented the shooting.

Baby Blue, whose given name is Diamond Smith, was shot outside of the bowling alley just before midnight on April 18. His suit claims he was an invited guest of the venue and management failed to patrol, police and guard the premises.

“My entire life has been affected by the tragedy that occurred at SpareZ Bowling Alley that night,” Smith said in an exclusive statement to Baller Alert. “I just need to be compensated for the lifelong complications ahead of me. My vocal cords are now damaged because of this incident. My lungs are permanently damaged. My ribs are broken. My breathing is abnormal, and ever since I went bowling that night, I’m super paranoid!” he continued.

The lawsuit also alleges Smith suffered “permanent and personal injury including significant scarring and loss of his ability to walk.”

“I thank God I didn’t walk outside with my child when the gunmen approached me. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Life is a blessing,” Smith told Baller Alert.

According to Davie police, Smith arrived at the bowling alley to meet family about 20 minutes before the shooting. He and a cousin decided to step outside to hear each other better. Following that, two men in hoodies approached them to try to snatch Smith’s chains and that’s when the gun went off, striking him in the shoulder. Supplemental police incident reports revealed that the bullet broke a few of Smith’s ribs, punctured his lung and became lodged in his back.

Days after the shooting, Smith took to social media from his ICU bed, letting fans know he had been in a coma and now had to teach himself how to breathe and walk again.


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