Backyard BBQ Season is Around the Corner. Here's Our Summertime Cookout Starter Pack

Backyard BBQ Season is Around the Corner. Here’s Our Summertime Cookout Starter Pack

Summer is around the corner, and y’all know what that means…. it’s time to be outside!

Cookouts are a summertime staple. You can never go wrong with rounding up the squad for a backyard lituation filled with unforgettable memories, good eats and boozy cocktails. But before you hit up the group chat to plan your first BBQ of the season, check out our summertime cookout starter pack to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

1. Good Food

Did we have to state the obvious? If the man on the grill is not rocking the strap-up sandals, then we don’t want. But in all seriousness, the food is the main event, so it needs to be on point — whether it’s classic menu options like burgers, ribs and potato salad… or filet mignon for the sophisticated.

2. Fire Playlist

Is it really a cookout if you haven’t heard any Frankie Beverly and Maze through the speakers? Music at a summer cookout is always a must, so create a playlist with all the classics and today’s tunes to set the vibes for the evening. Besides, you’ll need something to distract guests until the food is done.

3. Spades Table

There’s nothing like a good game of Spades with a side of trash talk. Grab your partner and make sure you bring your A-game because things can get serious real quick.

4. Good Drinks

Another obvious requirement. A refreshing drink on a hot summer day is unmatched, whether it’s classics like lemonade and sweet tea or a flavored margarita. Cheers!

5. Fold Up Chairs

Now you know it ain’t a cookout if there aren’t any fold-up chairs. Need we say more?

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