Baggage: Accept and Embrace By: @milagreee

When it comes to starting a relationship, we all tend to believe that we are perfect and lack the commonality that we all share, baggage. Everyone carries some sort of baggage with them and we tend to forget that and judge people by the baggage that they do have. There is a time and a place to let the baggage out, if you care to share. But if you share too early, you might just send an otherwise understanding man running for the hills. Depending on the kind of life experiences that you have endured, you might be carrying heavy duty bags or little cases. Regardless of the size of baggage that we carry, we all have to deal with them and it will ultimately affect the way we conduct ourselves and how we deal with issues in our current relationship.

There are many women that need to let out their baggage, and at times, it really isn’t the right time. If you are one of these women, please try to refrain from letting too much out too fast. I believe that the things that have happened in our lives are what make us who we are. The experiences basically build a path, marking the things that we have struggled with, lived through, laughed through, and cried through. But that being said, slowly is often the better way to let out your baggage. It should come naturally in conversation, it shouldn’t be something that you threw at someone in expectantly as they might not be ready for the intensity that your baggage might have.

Then you have the women that might be lacking in trust that needs someone that they really REALLY trust in order to open up even a little about the experiences that have made her who she is. There are women that keep their baggage so close to their heart that sharing is almost painful, but keeping the secrets in are almost as painful. One point that I really want to make clear is that your baggage is you. It is what makes you, you should embrace the things that sum you up because it’ll make you the incredible and beautiful you that you are. You should never be ashamed of the things that you might be holding back, mistakes that you have made, issues that you might have, how you were brought up. These are things that the right man will understand. He will listen to you and take these things and embrace them. This man will understand that you are who you are because of ALL you might carry with you. Don’t make the mistake of telling someone your baggage because you want to be comforted. Make sure that you accept everything that you have gone through before you start to share.

I’m not saying that you should out your deepest and darkest secrets to someone and then regret it later, make sure you trust this man and you can only receive positivity from him.

I’m not open at all when it comes to sharing things that I have gone through. I tend to be more withheld and make sure that I absolutely trust this person before I divulge into what could possibly send him running. I’m not going to lie, it has sent people running but that’s also part of the experiences that make my life, mine. It taught me a valuable lesson in trusting the right person and sharing my personal, deepest secrets too soon. I learned that the trust has to be there before I share, because I am a mystery and a book full of experiences. These experiences are only for a privileged, trustworthy man to be privy to. I am beautiful, not by physical, but by the things that make me, me. Accept yourself, your trials and tribulations and you’ll never have to wonder whether or not you have to hide anything from your significant other. 

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