Baller Alert Binge: The Cast of Netflix’s “Jailbirds," Where Are They Now?

Baller Alert Binge: The Cast of Netflix’s “Jailbirds,” Where Are They Now?

Nearly two weeks ago, Netflix released its new jail documentary series, “Jailbirds,” which followed the lives of incarcerated women at the Sacramento County Jail in California. Capitalizing off the massive success of its original series, “Orange Is The New Black,” the streaming network’s six-part crime drama shined a light on the female prison system. 

However, despite the unfortunate circumstances, the show also explores the truths about the created community within the four-walls, between toilet romance, contraband, love triangles, backstabbing, complicated sentences, and more. Not to mention, it’s also incredibly addicting, but what does the future hold for the women of Sacramento County? 

If you haven’t seen the show, you may want to come back later. But, it shouldn’t take long, since the show is only a six, 45-minute episode series. For those who have been entertained by the ladies of Sacramento County, I bet you’re wondering what they’re all up to. 

Well, so were we.

The series started off with the county’s newest inmate and first-time offender, Yasmin Sundermeyer, 19. At the time, on July 28, Yasmin was booked on a slew of charges, including carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon, evading an officer, alcohol, and drugs, and was being held on a $200,000 bail. However, since then, she’s been slapped with an additional charge for escape from custody, and now, her total bond is $1,200,000. 

Yasmin is back in custody, with a scheduled court date for May 31. 


Next, we met 36-year-old Gaylon “Shawn” Beason, who had been in and out of jail before filming. Beason was locked up for resisting arrest and violating parole. Although she’d been scheduled to be released in 90 days, she was forced to stay a few extra after being held by her probation officer. Ultimately, Beason was released to her wife, who had been struggling with Beason’s criminal history. However, the good news is, according to official documents, Beason is still on the outside, but the status of her relationship with Christine remains unclear. 

Graylon’s Facebook

Najla “Noonie” Jones made her mark on the show, as one of the longterm ‘Jailbirds.’ The 27-year-old had been in custody for 13 months for pimping and pandering on a $1,000,000 bail, following her July 12, 2017 arrest. Upon her first appearance on the show, Noonie had already gotten into four fights, with a fifth being documented on the show. 

Since then, Noonie remains in custody but is expected to stand before a judge on May 21. 


Although Noonie had a less than friendly reputation in the jail, she managed to make a friend, Megan “Monster” Hawkins, who’d been serving 180 days for Grand Theft Auto, transportation of narcotics, possession, fraud and committing a felony on bail. Although Monster had been released during the series with plans to change for the better, the 28-year-old is back behind bars. 


According to Elk Grove police, a woman tried to open a checking and savings account with another person’s ID. However, upon the attempt, a banker recognized Hawkins from the show and identified her as the ex-con. Although she left the facility before officials arrived, officials investigated the banker’s claim and later found that the car Hawkins arrived in had also been reported stolen, and credit cards were found inside the vehicle. Hawkins was arrested on May 17 on a slew of charges, including fraud, theft, possession, probation violations and more. Her bail has been set at $10,000, and she is expected to stand before a judge on May 21, as well. 

24-year-old Katrina Haslem served a seven-month sentence for assault with a deadly weapon, driving on the wrong side of the road and vandalism. While there, Haslem made friends but also started a relationship through the toilet bowls with a male inmate named Dolla. 


Katrina’s Instagram

In fact, the two even met up on the outside at the end of the series. But, since then, it’s unclear if the two are still together. Katrina returned to social media in October, posting “I’m finally free,” and has remained active on the ‘Gram since. 

As for her ex-boo, Daniel “Dolla” Carter, 21, who was locked up for attempted murder and released at the end of the series, he also remained on the outside and has remained active on social media. Despite Katrina and Dolla’s relationship in jail, the two do not follow each other on social media. But, what is interesting is that Dolla is friends with his other jail bae, Ebony Smartt on Facebook. 

Dolla’s Facebook

Rebecca “Baby Girl” Temme, 36, who is facing life in prison for murder and robbery, had been assigned to administrative segregation. During the series, she wrote a letter to be considered for general population, which was approved. Upon arrival, Rebecca reunited with her sister Shayna but was quickly returned to ad-seg for her disruptive behavior.


At the end of the series, Temme vowed to put hands on Shayna over her toilet bowl romance with Temme’s co-defendant. If you recall, Temme revealed she’d been locked up for the murder of her wife. Although she didn’t pull the trigger, she refused to spill the beans on her co-defendant, as the two had formed a relationship, forcing her to leave her wife for him. But when Shayna began a toilet bowl relationship with Temme’s co-d, their relationship became sour. 

Since then, Temme’s legal issues have gone from bad to worse. She’s been slapped with an additional charge of possession of a weapon by a prisoner and is still ineligible for bail. In fact, just last week, Temme and her co-d were convicted of the 2017 murder of Temme’s ex. 

In the incident, prosecutors say Temme and her co-d, James Martin Baca traveled to the Surf Motel to get a tattoo. Upon arrival, Baca pulled out a gun and forced everyone to turn over their phones. The two then demanded Leonora Montoya’s car keys, and when she refused, Baca shot her. The two then fled the scene with Montoya’s keys but were later arrested. Both face a possible life sentence and are expected to be sentenced on June 28. 

Tayler Coatney, 19, who was jailed in 2017 for a robbery that left three dead, has since been sentenced to seven years in prison and transferred to state prison. She is eligible for parole in 2022. 


Her man, Aaron “A1” Ellis, was in for great bodily injury and corporal injury to a spouse. Like Dolla, Ellis was also a hot commodity in jail. In fact, in addition to dating Tayler through the bowl, his corporal injury to a spouse charge later turned out to be against ‘Jailbird’ inmate, Monster. On top of that, he’d also been getting visits from another woman, who he claimed to be his wife. However, his relationship status remains unclear. Although Sacramento records reveal Ellis has been released from their facility, he appears to have been transferred to state prison, eligible for parole in 2024. 


Brianna Tibayan, who married Bianca on the show while facing a possibility of 30 years, has been transferred to Central California Women’s facility and will be eligible for parole in 2030.


Did y’all watch? Who’s here for a season two?

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  1. Thanks for this. I was surprised at how good I thought the show was. I found myself becoming really attached to some of these women and their situations. Overall it was just a really good show with a great cast and a lot of humanity there. I hope they do another season.

    • I enjoyed it as well. I was surprised about the humanity also, especially between the officers and inmates. Most showed compassion and gave minimal punishment overall.

      • This jail SACRAMENTO COUNTY JAIL is the dirtiest and most unhealthy place to be in jail. Im aware theres worse but do you really think these officers are goimg to treat these people how theyre avtually treated on television? No. This jail is filthy as hell the only tike it was ever just a little clean is for this show. They treat the inmates like shit lile they are nobodies. Its horrible in sac county. I knew this show would have many fooled.

  2. I really came to liking Brianna Tibayan. Why is she facing a 30 year sentence? What did she do?

  3. Wow. I was left feeling grateful that these people were not walking among us. What truly awful human beings.

    • They are walking among you, you just don’t know it. As a corrections officer, I can tell you the same inmates that were in my prison, were in my Walmart a few years later. Still addressed me as officer, in the free world. Only difference is, at least in the prison, we were aware of which ones were criminals. At your local Walmart, you’re not.

  4. Any update on Jay? Really hoping she changes her ways and becomes a great mother to her child. We really liked Brianna too 🙂 She was like a little kid in so many ways, yet deadly.

  5. I enjoyed this season and I do hope Jay stays out, also felt really sorry for Brianna and Bianca, but least she will be up for parole in 2030…

  6. I feel bad for the people who are judging others in these comments and reading this. It’s a shame because you never know who could end up in jail or what situation you would have to go through. I personally have been to jail and prison and I am not scum nor do I feel that I don’t belong in the community. I’ve been in sobriety over five years and have changed my entire way of life. It was unfortunate I had to learn the hard way but it’s part of my life story and I overcame it. Anyone that feels people don’t deserve the chance to change should be ashamed of themselves. Most likely that’s the time when they need to take a step back and do some self reflecting and look deep down within themselves and see what’s going on. I was one of the lucky ones that had a chance to get the help I needed to change my ways because it started way before I ended up in jail. …#ventoverthanksforlistening

  7. How do we get an update now? It’s been over two years. I would love to have an update season where we follow them and see how they are doing. I don’t even know what happened to half the people- the show just ended. I want to know!

  8. Falling Angel Xtrava

    Jailbirds was the bomb. I.literally cannot wait for Season 2 to see where Netflix takes us next. It is vital to show tax payers what our money goes to in helping these ppl who one day will be released back into our community. The two young girls that got married that was the releast part of season 1.

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