Baller Alert Exclusive Interview Part 2: Cameron Bay Speaks On HIV Status, Co-Workers Reactions, Her Boyfriend Doing Gay P0rn & More


Part 2 of my EXCLUSIVE Baller Alert interview with HIV p0rnstar Cameron Bay. She dishes more on Rod, fellow p0rnstars, escorting, condoms, HIV prevention and an out of control porn shoot.

Cameron continues on about Kink and the finger pointing

Instead of trying to cover your own ass (Kink), that’s what everyone is doing and try to push it under the rug. Everyone needs to come together, they need to be educated on the facts. Work together as an industry and not tear anybody apart. That’s what I’m hoping will happen. The whole fact is there’s a lot of conspiracies. Everybody that is trying to save face, they have a lot to lose, a LOT to lose and they’re going to stick up for each other, do what they can to make sure that it doesn’t fall on them. It’s easy to get rid of two talents, not p0rnstars, two people that are talented. It’s so much easier to sweep them under the rug, make them not exist, make them be forgotten, than it is to forever…EVER have a stigma of “oh we f***ed up, whoopsies” then have to deal with it. Whether that’s what’s happening or not, who knows, like I said I can’t tell anybody right now how I got it. I can only tell a time frame and that’s it.

MCV: What were you doing between the last negative HIV test to the positive HIV test?

I was doing regular shoots, I did shoot for Hustler boy/girl nothing crazy, then I shot for p0rnstarcamhouse girl/girl/boy. It’s not like I was doing anything crazy at all. Kink was my first BDSM shoot and I was trying to see how far I could push my limits and I pushed them. It was aesthetically and artistically, it was a great shoot. The consequences of that, there were a couple things that could have probably been prevented, should have been prevented. Because of my, I wouldn’t say “state of mind”, I was on “go mode”.

I wasn’t really thinking to much, I was thinking, okay let’s do this. I wanna get a good product, I want to experience this and be able to go beyond an orgasm. So, I was like in the zone and I wasn’t paying attention and that’s one thing…this is where I blame myself in essence of getting hurt the way I did and possibly anything else for that matter. I wasn’t paying attention, should have been aware of everything going on, put my foot down, said something and I didn’t so that’s my fault.

MCV: what things???

I just, you know, certain things… we shot in a bar somewhere in San Francisco. It wasn’t a closed set, just a bar with extras. I had a limit sheet and said no penetration by anybody unless they’re shooting with me, no extra can do anything, they cant penetrate me or do anything EXCEPT rub on me, no p***y or a** play, anything of that nature.

I mean it was 25 or 30 people in the room, cameras going and yanno they’re shooting a scene. Things happen, people slip here, slip there or attempt to do this do that. I was just in a situation that I should have controlled a little bit better and in hindsight, I would’ve done things a bit different. There were things that I should have controlled a little bit more and being fresh and new in this industry, still learning it was just one of those things.

Is Cameron taking medications?

Right now I’m on two medications. I take one twice a day, the other once. When I get my blood work, should be pretty soon and then I will figure out how much my viral has changed. When I get my results in a week or two I’ll know if everything is good. Understand I’m not deathly sick or dying,I’m fighting the disease.

On how the industry is treating her once the news came out that she was HIV positive.

I received the most amazing support from literally almost everybody in the industry. Emails, texts from people sending well wishes, sending their love, telling me I’m a fighter. Now despite what people want to say about me, that I’ve been in p0rn since 2010, I’ve been in porn in and out. Fact 1. I was on the backroom casting couch in 2008, right after I got out of prison, and I only did 11 months, if I have to show release papers to shut f***ers up I will, I’m not ashamed. I shot a gloryhole scene in 2010. So within two years, I shot two scenes and then I was on my exes website, big f***ing deal, I wasn’t out there promoting myself you can’t even find a scene if u looked for it.

I got into the p0rn industry, got into it meeting people, learning everything as I went along. At the end of May I cut my foot like real bad and I couldn’t work. I started working again, so that’s 3 months of me working, shooting and what have you. In that little time for me to get all this support from people that barely even know me is very heartfelt and amazing.

MCV: Let’s go back to the Rod straight/gay p0rn, anyone in the industry say that they didn’t want to shoot with you because you were high risk?

Plenty of people knew. There is a few girls, that are very popular and shot with him and each didn’t have a problem with it before. I honestly think that gay/straight p0rn has been intertwined since the beginning. it’s the fact a lot of girls that might not know that this guy shoots for gay sites and tranny sites, will shoot and will have no problem with each other.

There are a lot of crossovers, they have shot with them knowing or not knowing. A lot of guys don’t care, I witnessed a couple encounters of straight/gay talent possibly doing a scene together. It wasn’t an issue that I wasn’t aware of (with my boyfriend doing gay/straight p0rn) as long as I was tested and it was ok, there should be no problem.

On knowing if Joshua/Rod did gay p0rn and if she was aware of his sexual activities and worried about him being high risk.

He started doing the gay porn years ago. When we got together I knew he was doing the gay porn. I guess I am a f**hag, I see people as people. I don’t care if you have tits and a c**k or anything, If I’m interested in you and you’re interested in me I don’t give a damn.

There’s high risk in shooting in any kind of p0rn. Look at Mr Marcus. It’s very high risk when you’re in an industry where internal bodily fluids are just flying around. I know what he (Rod) did in his personal life and I witnessed him going to get tested and wearing condoms. We were tested when we started dating it was obviously. I’m not saying we f****d without condoms all the time. No. We wore condoms. People automatically assume that because he may have escorted or I may have escorted it doesn’t mean that we don’t take into consideration with that the same consideration that we do when we shoot p0rn, and that’s the truth. I went from escorting to porn, I know what I need to know, I would never just be irresponsible and say f*** it. I’m not a careless person when it comes to that or anything else.


I know this is an old picture of his escort ad, but just do a search of it, you’ll see all the NUDE pics of him, his escorting and reviews. So…there’s not a Rod “may have been escorting.” A trusted source also told me that Rod escorts…wait. DID escort.
*/end intermission*

On her reputation on being a slut and drug addict
When I was 18/19 and was really f****d up on drugs, I’m sure I was quite promiscuous, I don’t remember a lot of it, that was a long time ago. I grew up and I’m sure every girl has gone through the promiscuous stage. Who in the p0rn industry doesn’t sleep with a s**tload of people? Do I go out clubbing and pick up strangers? NO. I don’t go out, I don’t party, I don’t drink, I hold on to a drink the rest of the night to keep people Happy. I have witnesses, proof and that’s all that matters, I don’t do drugs, yes I did do drugs, did I ever shoot them up? No, I don’t like needles, just because I tried to doesn’t mean I like needles.

So what’s next for Cameron and how does she plan on making money

I can tell you, skies the limit. I do believe that people do need to be educated on std/aids/infectious diseases/STDs. If I have to be the example, fine, I’ll try to be an advocate of HIV in the p0rn industry, that’s what I’m going to do. We should be educated to stop transmissions of HIV and other diseases. I’ve saved up some money, I know I can pay bills, but with the medications and blood work,I’m going through my savings. It’s difficult, I have no insurance and I won’t qualify until after 2 years. People have been supporting me. I have been offered certain things and people are working on getting me work in the industry possibly, not shooting, working at clinics…just something. Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life? Nope, I want to surprise people. I don’t plan on falling on my ass, I plan on overachieving. I want everyone to know I’m not a victim I’m a survivor.

A message to her fans

I want to let all my lovers and supporters out there know everything you have done for me, from well wishes, to the prayers, to just words of courage and strength to push me, have meant so much to me and you are my driving force. You guys are my guardian angels, you guys are the reason I am as strong as I am. If it weren’t for you. I would probably be pretty lost right now, so thank you to everybody that’s been there for me. I love you guys.

So, where do I begin? Anyone else notice double talk and more contradicting reports? Yeah, I thought so. From what I’m reading, it seems that something went down at that shoot at Kink and things went WAYYYY out of control. Of course, I don’t know this, hopefully Kink will reach out for a comment.

Now can we talk about Rod being a bottom b***h? We don’t know whether or not he uses condoms every time, but I’m pretty sure that we can ALL agree on the fact that he’s gay. There’s no two ways about it. He escorts, not for women, for men. He shoots gay p0rn, he receives, he sucks, he does all the things that a straight man does NOT do. Gay4Pay doesn’t exist, in MY eyes. If you can allow a man to enter you and you’re not a woman for money then sorry, you’re gay. I don’t believe in men being bisexual tho, that’s my opinion. Am I disgusted because Rod shoots gay/straight p0rn or escorts? Nope. He’s making his money and I don’t knock anyone’s hustle. If Rod did everything within his power to make sure that he would not get infected with HIV, when he shoots films or escorts, I applaud him.

No one knows or will EVER know how Cameron tested positive for HIV. I do want to know more about that 5 on 5 gang bang tho. That’s something someone might want to look into, especially since she got sick right after it. I also want to know what REALLY happened at that Kink shoot.


To learn more about HIV visit the CDC website. If you want to get tested for HIV Find a Health Center in your area.

Call the toll-free CDC-INFO hotline for information about HIV/AIDS in English and Spanish:
1-800-CDC-INFO (232-4636)
TTY: 1-888-232-6348

Also check out the Black Women’s Health Project and Gay Men’s Health Crisis

Wrap it people, go get tested. Know your status.

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