Baller Alert Exclusive: Kevin Hart Talks The Good Thing About The Super Bowl, New Projects And Dream Collabs

Baller Alert caught up with Kevin Hart during this weekend’s Super Bowl 2020 festivities and the comedian shared why he loves the action packed weekend.

“I think the good thing is not just being at Super Bowl for the events but also for the relationships that you got. It’s more importantly about seeing friends, spending time with friends and enjoying this time- appreciating this time and being present,” he said.

Hart shared that he’s about to film a new movie called “Man from Toronto” with Jason Statham, which he described as a an action movie with some glimpses of comedy, “Because I’m such a big action star,” he joked.

The comedian also exclusively revealed to Baller Alert that he will be going on tour to perform new stand up material at the end of 2020.

When asked who’s the one person he’s never done a movie with that he liked to work with, Kevin shared its Denzel Washington.

Hart told us, it’s all about the two finding the right project to bring them together, and it just hasn’t happened yet. “(Denzel) that’s the guy I would love to work with before my career is over or before things are at a point where I don’t work or don’t want to work.”

The comedian confirmed that he’s “almost back” to himself after last years car accident that left him with serious back injuries, saying “he’s at 80-85% back” (to normal).

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