Baller Alert Radio: “The Culture Deserves It” – Episode 12 Recap

Baller Alert Radio: “The Culture Deserves It” featuring your lifestyle specialist, Kenny Burns with Su Solo and Ferrari Simmons kicked off episode 12 with a recap of this past week’s hottest topics and current events.

To start, the hosts sent their condolences to the lives lost in the Texas Church Massacre that left 26 people dead. In the wake of the shooting, instead of condemning gun violence, the celebrity-in-chief, Donald Dump said the incident was a result of mental illness. However, according to reports, the Donald signed new legislation that will reportedly make it easier for mentally ill individuals to purchase firearms legally. The hosts even criticized the media’s descriptions of white murderers, saying, “They are terrorists!”

Next, the hosts touched on Lamar Odom’s recent incident in a Los Angeles nightclub. The baller passed out after a day of heavy drinking without properly hydrating. However, a rep for the former big man revealed that Odom was “doing great” in the wake of the incident. Afterwards, Burns discussed the Tyrese situation, from his meltdown over his legal battle with his ex-wife to Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s $5 million donation to stay afloat and off the Internet.

Simmons then discussed this week’s Baller Mail, “What I’m not going to do is beg or chase your dumb ass.” Initially, Simmons put the spotlight on Su Solo asking if she’s been a nagger, prompting Solo to drop a few gems about titles. Women should stick to their standards and demand what they expect. But, begging someone for a title will not change a man’s actions until he is ready for it. On the other hand, men see the constant questioning as nagging or bitching or being petty. But, of course, men can be petty too.

As the episode continued, Su Solo introduced the next segment, Comment Creepin, where the hosts discussed Cardi B’s comment to a fan, who claimed her proposal was fake. Would you want an expensive engagement ring, where you have to worry about your safety whenever wearing it?

To wrap up this week’s episode, Kenfucious reminded listeners that it’s always bigger than you. It’s the little things that could mean everything.  Check out the full episode below.

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