Baller Alert Radio – Episode 24 – Toya Wright Talks New Book & Old Flames

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Last week, Baller Alert Radio’s @eleven8 sat down with the lovely Toya Wright once again to discuss her brand new book “In My Own Words…My Reality.” In the book Toya recaps the last few months of her life, which involved her divorce, the death of her two brothers and so much more.


We start the podcast by talking about an excerpt from Toya’s book in which she shares a recent text message she received from Lil Wayne. In the text Wayne talks about how he compares every woman he ever meets to her and how she is the reason he knows what love is. We ask Toya about how she felt receiving the text, her relationship with Lil Wayne and if there’s a possibility they could ever get back together. *Fun Fact* Toya Wright and Lil Wayne both released their books on the exact same day, unbeknownst to one another. Talk about fate!



Much of Toya’s book talks about the deaths of Toya’s younger brothers and how it has affected her views on life. Toya opens up about being brought closer to her mother, not taking family for granted and the last text message her brother sent her before his passing. Toya also discusses ways we can get inner city youth out of the streets.


Of course we touch on the subject of Toya’s parenting, and why she chooses to be both a mother and friend to her (almost) 18 year old daughter. Toya breaks down why it is important to know everything that goes on in your child’s life and to make sure they feel comfortable enough to talk to you. Speaking of friends, Toya talks about her circle of girl friends and how they helped her cope with a tough time in her life.


Listen to the entire podcast below. Also make sure to purchase your copy of “In My Own Words…My Reality” at

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