The Baller Alert Show: Episode 140 - Satoshi Art with Waka Flocka and Stally

The Baller Alert Show: Episode 140 – Satoshi Art with Waka Flocka and Stally

Guess what, Baller nation? The Baller Alert Show is back with a new episode! In episode 140, the crew is joined by special guests, Waka Flocka and his business partner, Stally. They chat about their new venture– Satoshi Art, NFT, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and family life.


The episode kicks off with Waka and Stally talking about Satoshi Art — a 100% minority own global NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace, made by the artists for the artists. With this venture, Waka and Stally’s mission is to educate the public about NFTS and provide a global platform for minority creatives to gain financially with the new future in digital one-of-a-kind art.

Waka then goes into detail on how he got into the NFT world.

“I got into this because I was well versed in it.” Waka said he’s been educating himself in cypto and NFT for the past eight years.


Rari asks Waka whether he finds it odd that people “don’t realize how smart he is.”

“People are so used to seeing ‘Oh Let’s Do It’ and ‘Hard in the Paint’ Waka, so I can’t blame them,” said Waka. “They use to me from 10 years ago. I haven’t come out as a ‘groomed’ Waka. When I come out this time, you’re going to be like, oh this guy has grown the F up.”


Why Satoshi? Where do you see this going in the next 5 years?

“We say we have the ‘Satoshi empire.’ Satoshi Nakamoto is the alias of the guy that created bitcoin,” said Stally.

He also sees the company in the Fortune 500 in the next 5 years, citing the market cap.

“One single NFT sold for $69M. It was followed up by a single sale for like $5M, $10M, $20M.”


“In terms of everyone catching on to it — when are the governments going to comply with it? Whenever they do that. They will very soon — they just want to make sure they have control over it. But the thing about crypto, they have no control. Crypto is completey decentralized. The power is back within the people. But, I really think it is the future.”


Waka gives an update on the family! He shares that his wife is working on new music, talks about his reality series, and his daughter’s new line.



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