Baller Alert Show Episode 157: ITS VIRAL

Baller Alert Show Episode 157: ITS VIRAL

On the “IT’S VIRAL” episode of the Baller Alert Show, host Ferrari Simmons, Candi, and Su Solo talk about the hottest topics from Nelly’s leaked video to Kanye West wanting his family back.

The hosts started the conversation by detailing the explicit videos Nelly and Lil Fizz “accidentally” released. Allegedly Nelly posted a video on his Instagram story of a lady who was “servicing him.” The woman had her mouth on his gentlemen’s parts, and she was “going to work.”

Candi and Su Solo agreed that the woman exposed in the clip was doing a “mediocre job,” but Nelly’s reaction says otherwise. Social media reacted to the video, making jokes about the size of his “Vienna sausage.”

Lil Fizz was also trending on social media after a similar video was leaked from one of his Only Fans subscribers. In the video, Fizz was “pleasing himself,” but many social media users said he looked “fizzled out.” Based on the viral video, Su Solo and Candi said Apryl Jones, Omarion’s baby mother and Fizz’s former band mate, who previously dated Lil Fizz, was “doing too much” over Lil Fizz’s “peen.”

Isiah Rashad was also caught in a sex scandal after a video of him getting “intimate” with two men leaked on social media. It was a shock to many due to people not knowing Rashad’s sexuality. It’s not clear whether this was an attempt to out the rapper. However, the Baller Alert Show hosts agreed that “no one should be exposed if they’re not ready to come out.”

Speaking of LGBTQ+, Adele is getting blasted for her speech after accepting an award previously divided into two genders. The award was initially named “Best Male” and “Best Female” artist, but it’s was changed to the “Best Artist” award. However, when she received the award, she said she was proud of being a woman and a “female artist,” which offended the LGBTQ+ community.

Adelle being proud of how she was born doesn’t necessarily seem offensive, but the LGBTQ community says otherwise. “Someone being proud about who they are should not be offensive to you,” Candi said.

Joe Rogan, aka Million Dollar Joe, is under fire for saying the “N” word multiple times — during Black History Month. Seventy episodes of his show have been removed from Spotify, but it doesn’t address the issue of him using the word.

“A lot of people said they weren’t taking offensive because he was telling a story about something. He wasn’t blatantly calling someone the N-word,” Su Sola said. “But I think that at your grown age, you should know when you should say the N-word rather than actually saying “N**ga if you know if it’s offensive.”

In other news, Mary J Blige is not getting paid to perform at the Super Bowl. In an exclusive interview, the singer said she doesn’t need to get paid for this because it’s a great opportunity. The Baller Alert Show hosts think Blige should get paid based on the extensive Super Bowl funding.

A.J Johnson went viral after saying she had a threesome with two men. Many people claim her situation to be “a train” rather than a threesome. In an exclusive interview with Baller Alert, A.J. said she is “comfortable in herself” and “if you want to call it a train, choo choo.”

Rihanna recently revealed her pregnancy in a slew of pictures posted by her photographer. This is her and ASAP Rocky’s first child together. In a previous interview, Rocky shared that Ri Ri is the love of his life, and he’s looking forward to being a dad.

Donda 2 is on the way, and according to reports, the album is being executive produced and curated by Future. People are concerned that Kanye is “running with black media/urban media” due to his recent breakup with his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian.¬†However, the breakup may be short-lived. Kanye recently posted a picture of Kim and his kids saying, “he wants his family back.” Fans think Kim is officially over her ex after Ye blasted their family drama on social media.

Check out the full episode below:

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