It’s time for another episode of the Baller Alert Show. Episode 182 features a special guest, rapper Kali.

The cast kicked off the show by announcing the premiere of  Tyler Perry’s film ” A Jazzman’s Blues,” where a Black man and a white woman fall in love with one another. Ferrari’s take on the movie is the Black man is waiting on the white woman who is involved in a fixed marriage.

“That is goofy,” said Kali. “He just sitting there waiting? She continued, “He didn’t do nothing? He just watched her move on with her life?”

Sanaa Lathan’s directorial debut, On the Come Up, was also released.

“Previews is fire, it’s actually about a female rapper. We ain’t never seen no female rapper movies like that,” said Ferrari.

Megan Thee Stallion is scheduled to host SNL. The cast discussed if SNL was still a “big deal.”

“This is their 48th season. Actually, Kendrick Lamar will be performing on October 1st, then following after that they got Willow Smith performing, then after that on the 15th, Megan will not only be hosting but performing. That’s big for her,” said O.C.T.

Nia Long became the next topic of discussion as the cast discussed the recent cheating allegations between her husband, who is the head of the Boston Celtics, and his co-worker.

“You know what’s big? Nia Long being cheated on,” said Ferrari.

“They say he lost two rings this year,” said BT. This comes after the Celtics lost in the NBA Finals this year.

He allegedly had an improper relationship with a member of the staff and he’s suspended for the rest of the season.

“Tiffany Haddish said she lost it all following the child molestation lawsuit that got dismissed recently,” said Ferrari.

Yeas ago, Tiffany Haddish participated in a child molestation skit that the cast refers to as “very poor taste.”

“It was supposed to be funny, but it wasn’t funny,” said Ferrari.

Kali Interview

The cast started the conversation with Kali explaining the spelling of her name.

“The first four letters of my real name is Kali. I got tired of people butchering Kaliyah and I was born in Cali so it just made sense,” said Kali.

Kali shared that she started doing music when she was 8 years old but started taking it seriously like 4 years ago.

Ferrari questioned her affiliation with Young Joc, who she described as a “Big brother” and C-Signer” after he assisted with moments of her career.

She shared that she is signed to Atlantic records.

Kali shared how she felt having a viral song.

“I was excited. For me, MMM MMM was the second song for me to go viral since I had signed so it was like, ‘okay, you got the recipe, girl, keep going,'” said Kali.

The cast discussed Kali’s new song, Wet.

“You got a new song called Wet, one of my favorite songs,” said Ferrari.

“Everyday men have something to say about female rappers and what we rap about. And they be like women only talk about they, you know. I’m rapping for the ladies anyways, you are not about to censor us,” said Kali. She continued saying, Men gotta listen. I’m telling y’all, I’m giving y’all some notes.”

For The Love Of Money

Tristian Thompson and Khloe Kardashian are this week’s couple where the cast will decide if they are together for the love or the money.

“I think Khloe is for the love because she lost and she is just weak in the knees,” said Kali.

“I’m gonna agree with Kali, I think Khloe was definitely in love with that sausage,” said Ferrari.

BT shared that he feels that both Tristian and Khloe are together for business.

Baller Mail

Dear Baller Alert team,

My man is not a spiritual man. Let me start off by saying he’s a great man, a lover and friend. My only issue is he doesn’t believe in going to church, he believes in a higher power. It just bothers me that he brushes it off. What do you guys think?

“I feel you can’t force that on nobody, it either they with it or they not.” said Kali.

“I believe that type of conversation should’ve happened before y’all got too deep in the relationship,” said BT.

“You just said, ‘He’s a great lover and father and friend.’ I just want you to know that you complaining about some stupid shit,” said Ferrari.

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