The Baller Alert Show – Episode 25 Recap

The Baller Alert Show, featuring your lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns, with Ferrari Simmons and Su Solo, kicked off its 25th episode with a recap of the hottest topics and current events from the previous week.

In case you missed it, the hosts discussed Boosie’s recent Public Service Announcement about his baby mamas, where he described them as parasites. While many have issues with their children’s mothers, Su believes public defamation opens the door for anyone else to disrespect the mother of your children as well. “Don’t open doors for another nigga to talk to me reckless” – Su Solo.

The hosts then discussed the confrontation between Fabolous and Emily B, where the two got into a dispute outside of their Englewood, NJ home. Although the hosts believe the incident was absolutely devastating, Burns described the release of the video as a sad day for hip-hop.

Next, the hosts touched on the incident with Blac Chyna in the amusement park, where a girl touched Dream, prompting Chyna to turn up on the girl. Finally, the hosts discussed Hip-Hop avengers. Who is on your list for Avengers?

As the episode continued Simmons read this week’s Baller Mail about accepting cheating. In this week’s letter, the writer explained that she was open to allow her boyfriend to cheat, as long as he used protection. However, she later realized that he was not using protection, so she wanted him to stop, but became unsure of how to remedy the situation. But, according to the hosts, it’s about that time to dump him, what would you do?

Next, Su dished on this week’s comment creepin, which of course, was petty as usual. The hip-hop mogul posted a photo of Fabolous in an Ike Turner fit, where 2chainz confirmed that 50 was indeed a sicko.

To wrap the episode, Kenfucious shared a few jewels about getting to it!

Check out the full episode below:

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